Earloop Mask Set of 7 3 Dimensions Cotton 3 Layers of Gesyal Free Support Mask Rope Necklace

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Product Description

Earloop Mask Set of 7 3 Dimensions Cotton 3 Layers of Gesyal Free Support Mask Rope Necklace

Material: cotton

3 LAYER 3D shape

The size is asymmetrical width 7-14 cm X length 22 cm

Rear slot for filter entry and can be FILTER CLOTH

Set of 7 masks 3 D + FREE SUPPORT silicone masks that are useful for road and motorbike sports https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BnklEbML0IY

Get 2 black / brown / white necklaces

(For sports, spy masks do not come off easily, for example cycling and BS also for hijab)

MASK SET consists

Options: 7 plain 3D


Mustard mocha dark gray silver blue navy maroon


Maron, dark gray, ivory mocha, brown, ash, silver and navy

Please state the SET code when ordering


Because the comfortable pattern of cotton makes it comfortable to wear a mask

Non medical mask

Following the shape of the face and nose so that it is tighter, there is a filter that can be replaced by tissue

There is a water repellent filter slot (Link Filter for use https://youtu.be/WQAsot9VP0U)

Adjustable rubber strap


Color: according to the picture

The photo likeness is +/- 90% due to camera light effects and indoor shooting.

Product Pictures



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