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We aim at democratizing exports for Indonesian small and medium enterprises (SMEs).



Indo-World Plaza is a one-stop solution B2B e-trade mall platform, powered by Madeinindonesia.com, to handle end-to-end trade services on behalf of Tier 2 and Tier 3 suppliers (makers, producers as well as small and medium business) from Indonesia.

The e-trade mall guarantees transparent and secured sourcing solutions for inter- national buyers while offering zero commission services for sellers in a trusted environment. The Plaza handles fulfillment service after a consensus is made between buyers and sellers on prices and product specifications. Depending on conditions, the platform may take over the entire trade process and provide PO/Invoice financing facilities to Sellers and Pay Later facilities to Buyers to create a win-win solution for both par- ties.

Indo-World Plaza presents this Amazon-style business services to ensure the quali- ty/specifications/packaging/shipping and payment aspects so that a secure and efficient trade can be achieved. We work with over 2,500 Indonesian member companies in four high value indus- tries with over 10,000 SKUs to build Indonesia’s largest digital ecosystem to simplify digital exports and international sourcing from Indonesia.

We hope with all our services international buyers can conduct efficient and sustainable trade with Indonesian sellers at over 90 percent efficiency rate than offline trade especially when they do trade with direct producers.





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Who is eligible for registering with Indo-World Plaza?

All Indonesian Procurers and SMEs are eligible to register at Indo-World Plaza subjected to products portfolio and KYC/AML process of MADEININDONESIA.COM

Is the Registration Fee?

There is Zero Registration fee.
Is there any Membership Fee for Register with Indo-world Plaza? NO Membership fee for Sellers and for buyers lifetime free, but selection criteria is more focused on Product offering and

Can I register as individual seller (without company) in Indo-World Plaza?

Yes. INDO-WORLD PLAZA is a global b2b online Export Mall created by MADEININDONESIA.COM to help Indonesian producers /Farmers to direct sell in global markets without any middle men MADEININDONESIA.COM allows individual sellers (Producers/Farmers and makers with a certain product) to register in INDO-WORLD PLAZA. You must register in MADEININDONESIA.com first (free) and our team will contact you for further assistance to register your products in Indo-World plaza.

How to Register in Indo-World Plaza? IS it same like registering with MADEININDONESIA.COM?

Yes. Initial Registration process is same as registering in MADEININDONESIA.COM. You may register via email or phone number or social media.it takes 10 seconds. After you become register user then in order to sell your products in Indo-World plaza our team will contact you and assist you on onboard you products.

What documents need to be sent for registration?

List of documents shall vary depending on Company or individual producers.

What categories and products does Indo-World Plaza export?

Although through MADEININDONESIA.COM Marketplace promotes nine product categories, Indo-world plaza primarily focuses on agriculture and food, garment sectors.

What are the Export Destinations for Indo-World Plaza?

International Buyers from 150 countries can buy products from MADEININDONESIA.COM , however our primary focus is Middle east and Africa at the moment.

Can SME handle direct trade opportunities?

We allow Direct Export as well as In-house (Indo-world Plaza) Export opportunities. We offer multiple options to sellers depending on their readiness ranging to financing, end to end fulfillment service, cash advances. Please register with us to know more.

Does Seller negotiate directly with international Buyers?

Sellers are allowed to negotiate directly with buyers if they have capacity to do so. We are ready to provide assistance including in negotiating with potential buyers.

Can I avail only financing from Indo-World Plaza?

Yes we can assist on case by case basis. Especially on invoice financing and export credit assistance. We work with several financing partners to create a more competitive offer. Registration to know more.

Is there any membership fee? Does seller need to pay to register with Indo-World Plaza?

For Established Indonesian companies and brands MADEININDONESIA.COM there are several options of membership. Sellers can either pick paid membership or free membership with different features. However in case of SME especially for producers with or without a company, MADEININDONESIA.COM has created INDO-WORLD PLAZA to offer end to end services with “ZERO COMMISSION”

Is there any other financing option other than invoice/PO financing?

Yes, we offer advance payment and L/C too

What is the difference between MADEININDONESIA.COM and Indo-World Plaza?

Madeinindonesia.com is a B2B global marketplace where Indonesian manufacturers and suppliers can do trade and export themselves via the platform. Meanwhile, Indo-World Plaza is a platform dedicated to small and medium business to assist them in accessing global market.


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