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How to Register as a Seller

What email I should use for seller registraton?
We advise to use your official email address, however it is not mandatory.
Important: Operating and maintaining multiple seller accounts is prohibited.
  • One company one registration policy - When registering as a seller on MadeinIndonesia, you create a single seller account for your business
  • Build your Reputation - You can help build customer trust in your business by providing clear and detailed information about your policies
  • Correct and current contact details - Make sure your business contact information is current (email and phone number, if available) so that we can contact you, if necessary
  • Your Corporate bank details - please update your official corporate bank account information current for payments and settlements
  • Specific Terms & Conditions - Provide terms and condition if any specific to your business or product and return policies to help build customer trust
  • Photos - Provide photo /video information on the products and your packaging as well.
  • Catalogue and Brochures – Always attach brochures and user manuals ,catalogue information to provide detailed information on products
  • Upload your logos to your seller account — In your seller registration please check tb “Specific Information” ,you will find various logo upload options for you company, invoices, storefront ,please fill up all information you can.
Things to avoid
1 Registering multiple seller accounts.
2 Including website URLs in product feeds, business name, or other company information that might refer customers to your website or a third-party website.
Who can Register as MIND Global Seller?

We are only open to Indonesia companies only. Individual reseller ae also not allowed. For sellers interested in selling in Indonesia please contact we will be happy to assist you.

What type of seller is on Madeinindonesia.com?

Madeinindonesia.com have two kinds of membership for sellers as below :

1 Free Membership - suited for new sellers and small businesses

Membership is completely free for buyers on Madeinindonesia.com. With a free membership you can:

  • Our powerful and effective sourcing tools
  • Product Listings
  • inquiries direct to supplier
  • unlimited Buying Requests

This is a free membership plan where a member pays no registration fee. Members in this category have the opportunity to post up to 60 products with basic Customized Exclusive Brand Outlet (Mini-store). Members in this category have no opportunity to showcase their products. Members in this category cannot have Premium Vendor Badge. Members will not be able to send any quotation on buyers’ RFQ.

2 Premium Membership
  • GOLD

A Gold member has to pay a membership registration fee of Rp 15,000,000 with an unlimited number of products to post. Have 1 template of Customized Exclusive Brand Outlet (Mini-store) and 5 products to showcase with a 1GB Dedicated Memory. Members in this category earn the Premium Vendor Badge. Also, members will be able to send 10 quotations on buyers’ RFQ daily. There are unlimited opportunities to access to the full benefits of the features in the MIND marketplace for members in this category


A Platinum member has to pay a membership registration fee of Rp 25,000,000 with an unlimited number of products to post. Have 2 templates of Customized Exclusive Brand Outlet (Mini-store) and 12 products to showcase with a 2GB Dedicated Memory. Members in this category earn the Premium Vendor Badge. Also, members will be able to send 15 quotations on buyers’ RFQ daily. Members in this category have unlimited access to the full benefits of the features in the MIND marketplace.


A Diamond member has to pay a membership registration fee based on agreement with Madeinindonesia.com (contact for price promotion ). A Diamond member has no unlimited number of products to post. Have 3 templates of Customized Exclusive Brand Outlet (Mini-store) and 28 products to showcase with a 5GB Dedicated Memory. Members in this category earn the Premium Vendor Badge.

What is the general qualification for Premium Membership types? Which is suited for my business the best?

Depending on the size of your business and number of products have ,you may choose the type of premium membership that suits your business requirements.

  • Gold Member

Suited for Small Businesses Who have just started to export or planning to export.

Service Level – Medium

Type of Company incorporation -PT or CV

Annual company sales- 5 billion Rupiah or less

Revenue Cap under Gold Membership -IDR 5 Billion

Number of products – 30 product or less

Number of Employees – 20 or less

Market Size- Regional -Provincial

  • Platinum Member

Medium Size companies who Intend to conduct International trading in multiple countries.

Service Level - Advanced

Type of Company incorporation -PT or CV

Certification -ISO

Annual company sales- 5-50 billion Rupiah

Revenue Cap under Platinum Membership -IDR 10 Billion

Number of Employees – 100 or less

Market Size- Regional -Provincial or National

Number of products – unlimited

  • Diamond Member

Service Level - Advanced

Type of Company incorporation -PT

Certification -ISO

Annual company sales- Above 50 billion Rupiah

Revenue Cap under Gold Membership -No Limit

Number of products – 200 product or above

Number of Employees – 100 or above

Market Size- Regional -National or and International

Number of products – unlimited

Note: Companies can request different membership types for example if a CV company wants to aggressively pursue the International market presence we can custom the memberships for such company on demand
What do I need to provide when I open a new account?

After you register for an Madeinindonesia.com seller account, you will go through the Verification /Proof of Registration:

1 Valid business license or business registration document
  • Deed of Establishment & Decree of the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights/ Akta pendirian perusahaan dan SK Menkeh
  • Letter of Domicile/ Surat Keterangan Domisili Perusahaan
  • Director ID/ KTP Direktur
  • Company Taxpayer Identification Number/ NPWP Perusahaan
  • Trade License/ Izin Usaha
  • Company Registration Certificate/ Nomor Induk Berusaha
  • Bank name and account number / Nama Bank dan No Rekening Perusahaan
I am currently not eligible to become a seller because my company documents do not meet the eligibility requirements. Can I have an exemption?

We do not grant exemptions for sellers who cannot meet the eligibility requirements.

What are the advantages of becoming a seller at madeinindonesia.com?

We are only open to Indonesia companies only. Individual reseller ae also not Madeinindonesia.com is Indonesia’s 1st B2B international marketplace (one-stop-solution for sourcing from Indonesia). You can enjoy our privileges such as:

  • Global Reach- 150 countries globally
  • Worldwide Logistics Services - Land, Air, and Sea Freight service till customer doorsteps.
  • Flexible Payment Methods - Partial Payment System - Multiple Payment options
  • B2B and B2C Business Compatible
  • Global Branding, Visibility, and Market Access
  • Advanced Trading & Business Negotiation Tools
  • Guaranteed Business Enquiries
  • Powerful Catalog Management
  • Rocket Speed – For Seamless Experience

If you are interested in joining premium membership, please write to membership@MADEININDONESIA.com. Our relevant team will contact you and let you know the further details.

Diamond & Platinum Memberships are expensive, is there any way to get the cost lower?

Please be advised that all our service fee is fixed. However, sometimes it may have promotions. You can ask our sales team directly for this. You may go for Gold Membership if you deem the other two expensive.

What type of account do I need to list more than 100 items(products) ?

If you wish to post more than 100 products, you are suggested to either apply for our Premium Seller membership (Platinum or Diamond)

1 If more than 20 products (Gold Membership)
2 More than 20-200 products (Platinum Membership)
3500 plus (Diamond Membership)
How does Madeinindonesia.com charge fee and commissions?

The charges for seller depend of the membership plan member has opted for. Majority of the International marketplaces charge anything between 12-20% commission depending on the product category.

In terms of both registration fee and commissions we are very competitive in fact we are the only B2B marketplace in Indonesia charging as low as zero commission for companies who do not want to pay commissions due to thin margins.

There are four types of memberships and commissions and registration fee is charged based on the membership tier you are in:

  • Freemium - zero registration fee, 6% commission + Rp10,000 for each transaction you do on the platform
  • Gold Member- Rp15,000,000/year + 5% commission (flat all categories)
  • Platinum Member- Rp 25,000,000/year + 3% commission (all categories)
  • Diamond Member- Rp 50,000,000/year, zero commission (all categories)

Seller Verification

How to become verified seller in madeindonesia.com?

We conduct 2 type of Verifications

Inhouse Verification by MadeIndonesia.com Team -To collect and verify various company incorporation documents making sure company documents are authentic.

Independent Verification for SGS

Seller who have been inspected onsite/offsite by a third party inspection company.

Both these verification will followed by awarding respective verification badges.

To help us maintain a trusted marketplace for buyers and sellers, we require the following documents to verify the identity of the seller company.

Note: If you require additional time before submitting your information, you can select the Save button to save your information and return to the Seller registration page before signing the contract.
How can I submit my Verification Documents?

For security reasons, we can only accept documents uploaded through the Seller (Vendor) admin page. Please attach all necessary documents in this page and click save.

What happens after I submit my verification documents?

The review process can take up to two business days from the time we receive your documents. We will email you the result.

What happens after I submitted my verification documents The review process can take up to two business days from the time we receive your documents. We will email you the result.

What documents are required for the verification purpose?

MadeinIndonesia requires two documents in order to verify your identity. To avoid having your documents rejected, make sure they meet the following criteria:

All documents must:

  • be valid (not expired, revoked, or closed)
  • be high-quality, in color, and unobstructed (not angled, blurry, or cropped)
  • show the full page
  • not be a screenshot
  • display matching information (such as your ID number or name) that you use to register to sell on
  • be scanned images, or a photo taken from your mobile device's camera (no screenshots)
  • display the full document (front and back, if applicable)
  • be less than 10MB in size
  • be in one of these formats: gif, png, jpg, pdf, and docx. Do not include special characters in the file name (examples: $, &, or #)
  • be authentic and unaltered

Identity documents:

Business licenses:

  • The name of the legal representative or beneficiary owner should match the name on the identity document.
  • The address should match the business address provided during registration.
  • Must be valid for at least 45 days from the time of registration.
  • Must not be revoked or closed by the local government.
  • Business name and details must be visible.

Business representative Documents

The identity documents required can be directly of the Business Owner or the official company representative. The options are available are:

  • KTP
  • SIM
  • passport
  • driver license
  • or any other national ID, show a full document page, or in case of national identity cards, both sides of the card
  • have a signature
  • if submitting a passport, be sure the passport has your signature

Additional documents

  • Some companies, corporations, or charities need to submit a government-issued national ID for the primary contact, or the beneficial owner or trustee.
  • The name of the point of contact or company mentioned on the document should match the point of contact name or business name provided during registration.
  • You can hide the transaction amount, but the document must remain intact.
  • Document must not be password-protected.
  • Do not provide a photo of your credit card or debit card.
  • Do not provide a bank letter acknowledging an account opening.
What if my documents are rejected?

Important:We reject documents when we can't verify them or when they don't meet our criteria. Our decision to approve or reject a document is final and cannot be appealed, although you can re-apply with a new account.

What to expect after you upload your document?

After you submit documents, MadeinIndonesia team will review your information and may contact you for further clarification, if needed, within 3 business days. If your verification is clear ,you will be assigned a Verification badge.

Important: If we are unable to verify the information you provided and request that you resubmit your documents, you will have within the next 15 days to complete this request. If we do not receive your documents within this timeframe, your case will be closed and we will not be able to activate your account to sell on madeinindonesia.com

Product Registration (product listing)

What can you sell on MadeinIndonesia ?

MadeinIndonesia is designed for Medium to large size transactions (typically half container to one container load goods) for both domestic and global trading.

Sellers from 9 major industries can sell their product in over 900 different categories, all the products that are legally allowed for domestic and international trade.

After you successfully register and sign MIND seller agreement and associated policies and guidelines, here is some additional information that is key to selling successfully on MadeinIndonesia platform.

You are getting ready to sell globally, the majority of the potential buyers don’t know you or your company so try to build your profile, seller information and product details as comprehensive as possible. Please try to fill up all necessary information.

  • If you wish our support to upload your products especially if you have 100s of products ,please contact our representative. We will assign an installation manager to help you out.
  • Listing products in the right categories and with the correct information is critical for good customer experience and strong seller performance.
  • All your listings must confirm to the standards described in the style guide specific to your category.
  • Customers expect their products to be well-packaged and to arrive on time.
  • Product detail pages do not belong to a single seller. The product title, image, and details must be specific to the product itself, not to any individual product or seller promotions.
  • Make sure which language session you are in ,if you want to fill all your information in Bahasa Indonesia ,make sure to switch to Bahasa Indonesia section first.
What are the steps of bulk upload?

For multiple product upload you can use our bulk product upload link and follow the necessary steps. It requires advanced understanding of how the various fields work. If you are not sure please send us all your information and we will assign our Installation manager to help you post all the products.

You can still review the products and post it afterwards.

Send us the following information in case of bulk products upload request.

1 In the Administration panel, go to Products → Import Product.

Registration Form

2 Click the + button to add a new import preset.

Registration Form

A preset is a set of rules on how to interpret an imported file. Once you configure a preset, you’ll be able to import multiple files of similar structure without the need to modify each of them separately.

3 Configure the import preset: choose a file (of CSV or XML format) that you’d like to import, and enter the name of the preset (you’ll use it later to find it among other presets).

Registration Form

4 Click Create.
5 Switch to the Fields mapping tab. This is where you tell CS-Cart how to interpret the imported file:
  • Match the columns or XML elements in the imported file with corresponding product properties in CS-Cart.
  • Check the example of imported data to see if the matching is correct. Make sure that the imported data follows the field format of the corresponding product property.
  • If necessary, add a few modifiers. Modifiers are functions that help you change the imported data. Use the Modifiers list button to find out what modifiers exist and how to use them.

Registration Form

6 Once you configure field mapping and modifiers, click Save. If you’ve done everything properly, you’ll now see that the examples of imported values have changed to take the modifiers into account.
7 (optional) Switch to the Settings tab. It contains settings related to import behavior.
  • Perform test import — enable this setting if you wish to import only the first five products from the file.
    That will allow you to check if everything is configured properly. Deleting or fixing 5 products should something go wrong is easier than dealing with 500 products after a full import.
  • Import strategy — choose whether to import all products or only some of them:
    • Import all products from the file — new products will be created, but if a product already exists (the existence is determined by product code), then it will be updated instead.
    • Update existing products only — skip any products that don’t exist in your store; only products that already exist will be updated.
      This strategy is convenient if a supplier provides a file with all his products, but you sell only some of them. That way you won’t get unwanted products in your store after the import.
    • Create new products only — skip any products that already exist in your store; only products that don’t exist in your store will be imported.
      This strategy is convenient if you change some product data (such as description, product name, etc.) after the import. That way your changes won’t be lost if you need to import the data from that supplier again.
  • Set quantity of all products to zero — enable this setting if you want the quantity of all the products in your store to be set to 0 during the import.
    Only the products that have a quantity specified in the imported file will have a different quantity.

Registration Form

There are three Additional settings hidden by default:

  • Delete existing files of downloadable products — if you enable this setting, then importing downloadable products will delete their existing files.
    When the setting is disabled, importing a file of a downloadable product doesn’t replace the existing files, but rather adds it alongside them.
  • Delete existing additional images — if you enable this setting, all the additional images of a product will be replaced with the images specified in the imported file.
    When the setting is disabled, importing additional images for a product doesn’t repalce the existing additional images, but rather adds new images alongside the existing ones.
  • Delete existing attachments — if you enable this setting, then the existing attachments of the imported products will be replaced with the attachments specified in the imported file. If no attachments are specified, the old attachments will remain.
    When the setting is disabled, the new attachments will simply be added to the existing attachments.
8 Click Import. If your preset is configured properly, and the data in the imported file is correct, your products will be imported.
Note: After the import you can go to ProductsProducts and use the Recently updated saved search to see all products that were updated within the last hour (alternatively, you can use Advanced search). This will help you check the import results.
Why post products as a bulk upload?

Uploading products with the bulk upload tool saves you time by removing many steps in the product upload process. This is ideal for sellers who already manage their products using spreadsheets, or can easily export their product catalog into an Excel spreadsheet from another marketplace. The alternative, individual product posting, is a more manual process.

What is MOQ on Madeinindonesia.com?

Some suppliers will list the MOQ for the product directly and some will not. It is kindly advised that you could confirm with the supplier about MOQ before ordering the products.

Why my product is always in Approval Pending?

After you post a new product, our related colleagues will take about 24-48 hours to audit it. Upon approval, it will be listed on MadeinIndonesia.com in 2 x 24 hours. Please note that auditing can help our sellers to post products in a good manner. Therefore, please just have a wait for the approval.

How to make the product titles?
> DO’s
  • Provide information about the specific product only.
  • Keep it short, but include critical information.
  • 100 characters maximum.
  • Start with the product brand where appropriate and not the seller.
  • Include a model number, when available.
  • Use only plain text (no HTML formatting).
  • Pay attention to correct capitalization.
  • Use numerals ("2" instead of "two").
> DON’T’s
  • Marketing information, promotions, or any other information that is not descriptive of the product itself (for example, "x% off", marketing messages, seller URL, or seller name in the title).
  • Selecting a category for your product that does not match the existing MadeinIndonesia browse tree
  • HTML code
  • Symbols (! * $ ?)
What are the requirements to upload product photos?
> DO’s
  • Show only the product that is for sale, with no accessories — what the buyer will actually receive.
  • Use a pure white background (RGB values of 255,255,255).
  • Provide images with 1,000 x 600 pixels or larger.
  • The product must fill at least 80% of the image area.
  • The image format must be JPEG (.jpg), TIFF (.tif), or PNG (.png). JPEG is preferred.
  • Use professional photographs.
> DON’T’s
  • Showing accessories and props that are not sold with the product.
  • Lifestyle pictures for the main image that show, for example, people using the product.
  • A single image displaying multiple colours or views of the product.
  • Coloured backgrounds.
  • Graphics, illustrations, or animated images are not allowed.
  • Borders, watermarks, text, URLs, seller logo, or name on the images.
  • Nudity.
  • Mannequins.
How to take pictures of the product?

The saying that 'a picture is worth a thousand words' really applies to our listings. Lets say if you are B2B buyer or sourcing agent buying some product for your company for 20,000 or 50,000 dollars, and you are sitting half way around the globe, would you buy online from a company that has not displayed proper product photos or poor quality photos, no product information, no company details? No matter how well and how good your product is, most buyers want to see a full information about your company and your product before they purchase or place a large order. So before you sit down at the computer to list your item, the first step should be to take great photos and then transfer them onto your computer. Posting pictures is very easy, if you have brochure and catalogue, user manual for your product you can add these via in attachment during product posting it is very simple and provides detailed information for B2B buyers before placing a large order.

How to capture new photos of the products if seller don’t have it?

If you have multiple products without good quality photos we offer you a professional product shoot services at very reasonable prices .please contact us. Transfer devices each digital camera and scanner has its own procedure for transferring image files to a computer. Some use cables; others use removable memory chips. Follow the instructions in your camera or scanner's manual.

How to create great product photos ?
  • Use natural light whenever possible. Use a plain background to make your item stand out

  • If you use white background make sure does not wash away colors or sharp contrast.

  • Crop your photos to remove any unnecessary background.
  • Balance the contrast and brightness.
  • The rotate or flip command will turn your picture right side up (if necessary).
  • Resize your image files to approximately 540 pixels tall by 540 pixels wide.
  • Save your edited picture as a .gif or .jpg file.

Consider taking a close-up of a section and multiple views (front, back, side, top) so potential buyers can see the actual condition of the item.

Edit your Photo once your photo is on your computer hard drive, you can often improve it with photo editing software, which may have come with your digital camera or scanner

If you have a photo folder ,we can help you edit the photos please contact us

How to Make Product Variations

There is a mistake on a product detail page. How can I correct it? How can I edit the product listing ?

Go to Vendor Admin - My Products - Click on the product - and do the necessary changes and post it and clicking on Save.

Can I preview my products before posting them ?

You can go the your Vendor Admin - Products - Click on the product – click on the radio button next to save to the top right- your will find preview button - click on preview button

Product Orders

What is the impact on the seller when rejecting an order?

To provide buyers with shopping satisfaction, Madeinindonesia.com system will detect sellers who are indicated to frequently reject orders, and the store status will be reviewed by the Madeinindonesia.com.

How do you know about an order?

Madeinindonesia.com system will send notifications via E-Mail to the E-mail address that is registered and can then be processed by the Seller through the Admin Panel.

  • If you received an order make sure you respond to the buyer asap and start following up on the order to provide a prompt service.
  • If order is Express, please set up the pick up date with the shipping company and dispatch the product on time.
  • This enables us to inform customers about their order progress and charge their payment method for the purchase.
  • You must update the order status time to time and finally inform buyer that the product has been shipped and ask for feedback. This confirmation will also trigger MADEININDONESIA shipment confirmation email to the customer and will set the expectation for the estimated delivery date.
  • For order values below 10,000 USD your payment will be released after buyer receives the product, you may request MadeinIndonesia to release the payment via accounting block in your Vendor admin panel.
  • Clearly explain your shipping, return and refund policies and processes, along with other pertinent information.
  • Do not send communications to customers other than as necessary for order fulfilment and related customer service.
  • Respond promptly to buyer questions about the status of their order.
  • You are required to ship media products (books, music, DVD, and video) within 2 business days. Non-media products must be shipped by the shipping availability date you specify.
  • If you don't meet that standard, you may have to deal with some unsatisfied customers.
  • Be courteous and patient with customers when they request information, returns, or refunds.
1 DO’s
  • Review your default shipping settings and customize them to fit your fulfillment model.
  • Check your seller account daily for new orders.
  • Schedule order reports to track orders and order information.
  • Fulfill all orders within the promised lead time and shipping windows and ship exactly what you listed for sale.
2 DON’T’s
  • Including any marketing or promotional materials within the packing materials.
  • Relying only on email notification — emails can get lost or be deleted.
  • You must not market or advertise to MadeinIndonesia (MIND) customers, nor divert them in any way from the MIND sales process. You should follow this even during permitted communications, such as when responding to buyer inquiries about your products or their orders.
  • Bribing customers for positive feedback.
  • Using customer communications for marketing purposes, or directing buyers to your own website or a third-party website in your emails.
How is the order process at Madeinindonesia.com?

The order process occurs when the buyer checkout, place the order and pay. After that, a notification message will be sent to the seller via E-mail. And, the cost of the buyer will be withheld by Madeinindonesia.com in advance and will be transferred to the seller after the buyer has confirmed receipt of the goods.

How to view sales history and order status?

To view sales history just go to Orders → Sales reports. This page contains detailed statistics on the sales that were made in your web store. Statistics may be represented in a form of graphical or tabular charts. For convenience, charts are grouped into separate reports. You can use several existing reports or create your own.

To see the order status just open the Orders → View orders section, the system automatically lists all orders from the database, i.e. the orders that have ever been placed and not deleted. By default, the list is arranged according to the date when the orders were placed, with the most recent orders at the top. Click on the name of the corresponding column to sort orders by their IDs, statuses, and totals, as well as phone numbers, email addresses, or names of users who placed the orders.

How do I ship samples?

At Madeinindonesia.com you option to allow buyers to buy samples in case your product requires manufacturing or production or has minimum order quantity.

Kindly note that sample order should be under agreement of you and your buyer and you should decide about whether to charge for the sample. The buyer can purchase it as regular product on your product page.

If you want to ship samples or goods to buyers, you are suggested to fill up ship sample information during the product posting or visit the product - edit product information and fill up the necessary fields.

Business Negotiation

How are suppliers recommended to buyers?

We recommend suppliers who match the requirements from buyers. Suppliers can enhance their chances of being recommended by doing the following:

  • Complete their business information, including: personal photo, personal profile, company logo, company profile.
  • Increase the overall response level from buyers. If suppliers receive more views or inquiries from buyers; this will positively affect their recommendation frequency.
  • More interactive: reply inquiries timely, quote actively, exchange business cards via Connections, and establish business partnerships, all of which will be beneficial in enhancing the chance to be recommended.
What's the benefit of getting Identity verified?

By getting your Identity verified, you can:

  • Display your verification status
  • Easier recognition means suppliers are 63% more likely to contact you with a verified Business Identity.
  • Faster responses from suppliers when verified
  • Get noticed quickly by suppliers. Higher chance of getting better and faster response
Where can I see my Identity Verified Icon?

There are several places on the Madeinindonesia.com where you can see your Identity Verified icon.

  • At product page of madeinindonesia.com:Add pict
  • On the “Dashboard” landing page:Add pict
  • On Your “Mini Site”
What's Business Identity?

Business Identity is a tool designed to help you build trust with suppliers. Once your identity is displayed, you'll get more business opportunities.

What buyers can I reach on Madeinindonesia.com?

Madeinindonesia.com buyers are small and medium-sized businesses from over 150 countries and regions. They source from over 900 different categories, including Agriculture, Health & Beauty Care, Electrical, Automotive, Machinery, Consumer Electronics, Apparel, Home & Garden, Chemicals, to name a few.


How do I know which order has been paid?

The Administration → Order statuses page allows you to adjust the default set of order statuses. You can easily sort statuses according to your business needs, edit the details of the existing statuses as well as add custom statuses.

The following statuses are available by default and cannot be deleted:

  • Processed - the payment was received.
  • Complete - all work on the order was completed.
  • Open - the order was placed and created in the store database, but it hasn’t been processed yet.
  • Failed - the payment transaction failed.
  • Declined - the order was canceled by the store administrator.
  • Backordered - the order hasn’t been processed yet, as it contains out-of-stock items.
  • Canceled - the order was canceled by the customer.
  • Awaiting call - the order was placed when the customer sent a call request.

There is also one hidden initial status — Incomplete. It means that the order was created in the store database, and the system is awaiting the response from a payment method. This status cannot be set by the administrator.

That is how order statuses are assigned:

A customer places an order, and the order is placed with the Incomplete status which does not change the inventory.

If the customer uses an offline payment method, the order status changes to Open until the store administrator assigns a different status to the order.

If the customer uses an online payment method, a positive response of the payment gateway will change the order status to Processed. If the response is negative, no new order will be created, and the customer will be offered to place the order again.

How is the amount of funds Madeinindonesia.com must pay to the seller?

The funds are paid to the seller are the Price of Selling the Product plus Shipping Fee reduced by the Commission.

How much does Madeinindonesia.com charge per transaction?

Just like other e-commerce platforms of Madeinindonesia.com makes money by charging commissions as a percentage of the transaction value of goods sold. The commission range from 0% to 5% of the transaction value.

How do I withdraw money?

To request a withdrawal, a vendor must:

  • Go to Vendors → Accounting and switch to the Balance withdrawals tab. A marketplace administrator can do it on behalf of the vendor. To do that, use the account menu in the top right corner of the page and choose to log in as a vendor.
  • Click the + button in the top right corner.
  • A pop-up window with the withdrawal creation form will open. There you can:
  • - Specify the desired amount of money in the store’s primary currency.
  • - Enter a commentary, if necessary.
  • Click Create. A new withdrawal with the 'Pending' status will appear on the list of transactions.


Where can we ship through Madeinindonesia.com Logistics Service?

Madeinindonesia.com's Logistics Service has partnered up with the major freight forwarders in the industry to provide our customers with ocean, air & land shipping solutions from Indonesia to global destinations

What are the sanctions on sellers for late product shipments?

Quality is one of the main concerns at Madeinindonesia.com, both in terms of sellers and buyers, our system will ensure that every process runs safely and comfortably. Including one of them if frequent delivery delays from the seller, then the Madeinindonesia.com system will give a special sign that will affect the trust of buyers at Madeinindonesia.com

Trade Knowledge

What is Document Against Payment/Bill of Exchange (D/P) ?

If use D/P as payment method, the exporter ships the goods, and then gives the documents (including the bill of lading necessary to claim the goods at the foreign port) to his bank, which will forward them to a bank in the buyer's country, along with instructions on how to collect the money from the buyer. When the foreign bank receives the documents, they will contact the buyer and provide documents to the buyer only when the buyer pays. And the risk is mostly on the seller side.

What is CIF?

CIF means Cost, Insurance, and Freight. CIF is used when the supplier must pay the costs, freight, and insurance to ship the goods to the named port of destination.

What is FOB?

FOB means Free On Board or Freight On Board. FOB specifies which party (buyer or seller) pays for shipment and loading costs, and/or where responsibility for the goods is transferred. Buyer bears risk including payment of all transportation and insurance cost once delivered on board the ship by the seller. It's used for sea or inland waterway transportation.

What is the difference between CIF & FOB?

CIF named supplier will afford "product Cost + Insurance fee + Freight cost (sea freight or air freight)"

FOB means Free on Board that supplier will afford " product cost + inland delivery cost", lack of insurance and freight cost than CIF.

Cost, Insurance and Freight (CIF) and Free on Board (FOB) are international shipping agreements used in the transportation of goods between a buyer and a seller. The specific definitions are different for every country, but CIF and FOB have similar uses. They differ in who assumes responsibility for the goods during transit. Both contracts specify origin and destination information that is used to determine where liability officially begins and ends.

In CIF agreements, insurance and other costs are assumed by the seller, with liability and costs associated with successful transit paid by the seller up until the goods are received by the buyer. Goods are not considered to be delivered until they are in the buyer's possession.

FOB contracts relieve the seller of responsibility once the goods are shipped. Once goods have passed the ship's rail, they are considered to be delivered into the control of the buyer. When shipping to the buyer begins, the buyer then assumes all liability.

What is an Export License?

An Export License is a document secured from a government, authorizing a shipper to export a specific quantity of a particular commodity to a certain country. An export license is often required when a government places restrictions upon exports. It's necessary to have the export license if you want to export out of your own country.


What kind of Export Prohibitions apply from Indonesia?

In accordance with the Decree of Minister of Trade of Republic of Indonesia Number: 01/M-DAG/PER/1/2007 dated January 22, 2007, the exported goods are classified into four categories:

a. Types of goods subject to export trade system

These types of goods can only be exported by registered exporters. Whereas, registered exporters are the companies or individuals recognized by the Ministry of Trade to export certain goods according to the provision set.

An export of a good is regulated because of the following considerations:

  • Increase the foreign exchange and competitiveness
  • Related to the international agreement
  • Nature preservation
  • Availability of raw materials

The regulated export of goods includes the followings:

  • Plantation Products : Roasted/not roasted coffee, processed coffee
  • Forestry Products : Rattan or wood products
  • Industrial Products : anhydride, phenylacetic acid, ephedrine, acetone, butanol
  • Mining Products : Diamond, tin, gold

b. Export-Controlled Types of Goods

The goods where the exports can only be conducted by exporters with export approval from Minister of Trade or appointed Officials.

The export-controlled types of goods are the goods where the exports can only be conducted by exporters with export approval from Minister of Trade or appointed officials (specific exporter).

A good is export-controlled because of consideration for maintaining the balance of domestic supply to avoid interruption of domestic consumption.

Export-controlled goods include the followings:

  • Livestock products :Cow seeds, non-seeds cow, buffalo, crocodile skin, wet blue, wild animal and plants (appendix ii cites)
  • Fishery Products :Napoleon fish, wirasse, milkfish seeds
  • Plantation Products :Palm kernel
  • Mining Products :Gas, coke/petroleum, precious metals ore, silver, gold,
  • Industrial Products :Iron scraps and residue, stainless steel, copper, brass, aluminum, urea fertilizer

c. Export-Prohibited Types of Goods

An export of a good is prohibited because of the following considerations:

  • Preserving nature
  • Fail to comply with quality standards
  • Guarantee the demand of raw materials for small industries or craftsmen
  • Increase of added value
  • Goods with historic and cultural value

The export-prohibited types of goods include the followings:

  • Agricultural Products: Fry and Arowana fish, eel fish seed, botia ornamental fish, lobster of 8 cm and paneadae shrimps
  • Forestry Products: roundwood, flakes raw materials, rail pads made of wood or sawn timber.
  • Maritime Products: Sea sand
  • Mining Products: Tin ore and concentrates, arsenic ash and residue, metal or other compounds, especially that contain tin or precious stones

d. Free types of goods

All types of good which are not listed in the above regulation are categorized as free export goods; however, the exporter shall first meet the requirements as exporters