MIND membership is the only guaranteed way through which Indonesian manufacturers, wholesalers, traders, and the international business communities can access and enjoy the amazing benefits offered by this platform.

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We are building an Tech. Enabled, multi-channel B2B Eco-system, aiming to digitize B2B touchpoints in Supply chain for Indonesian SMBs & Brands to penetrate global markets. At the heart of our operations is a full stack B2B Ecommerce platform, MADEININDONSIA DOT COM (aka MII), that connects Indonesian brands and SMBs with global B2B buyers

Curated Indonesian

Global Logistic

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We enable Indonesian exporters to access these international markets, fostering growth and expanding their global presence.


We provide services for customers to support the detailed planning of the shipment set-up as well as onsite delivery and pick-up ranging from air freight or sea freight to land freight with varying quantities

Fulfillment Center

MII ensuring timely and delivering products to customers order fulfillment for our expanding regional market.

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Export Insurance

MII provides financial protection to businesses engaged in international trade by covering potential losses or damages

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Key Account Manager

MII offers personalized and dedicated support to our most valued clients, ensuring their unique needs are met

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Export Financing

MII provides financial solutions to support your international trade endeavors and helping you overcome cash flow challenges

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MII export guide service offers comprehensive expertise and step-by-step assistance to businesses, navigating them through the complexities of international trade, ensuring a smooth and successful export journey.

Exporter Producers

As an Exporters Producers in an effort to obtain legality should meet the stipulated requirements

Exporter Not Producers

As a non-producer exporter, to obtain legality, should fulfill the stipulated requirements

Individual Exporter

The Individual Exporter guide service provides personalized support and tailored advice to individual entrepreneurs

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Explore our FAQ to discover insights about our products, services, and processes.

How to Register as a Seller

What email I should use for seller registraton?
We advise to use your official email address, however it is not mandatory.
Important: Operating and maintaining multiple seller accounts is prohibited.
  • One company one registration policy - When registering as a seller on MadeinIndonesia, you create a single seller account for your business
  • Build your Reputation - You can help build customer trust in your business by providing clear and detailed information about your policies
  • Correct and current contact details - Make sure your business contact information is current (email and phone number, if available) so that we can contact you, if necessary
  • Your Corporate bank details - please update your official corporate bank account information current for payments and settlements
  • Specific Terms & Conditions - Provide terms and condition if any specific to your business or product and return policies to help build customer trust
  • Photos - Provide photo /video information on the products and your packaging as well.
  • Catalogue and Brochures – Always attach brochures and user manuals ,catalogue information to provide detailed information on products
  • Upload your logos to your seller account — In your seller registration please check tb “Specific Information” ,you will find various logo upload options for you company, invoices, storefront ,please fill up all information you can.
Things to avoid
1 Registering multiple seller accounts.
2 Including website URLs in product feeds, business name, or other company information that might refer customers to your website or a third-party website.
Who can Register as MIND Global Seller?

We are only open to Indonesia companies only. Individual reseller ae also not allowed. For sellers interested in selling in Indonesia please contact we will be happy to assist you.

What type of seller is on have two kinds of membership for sellers as below :

1 Free Membership - suited for new sellers and small businesses

Membership is completely free for buyers on With a free membership you can:

  • Our powerful and effective sourcing tools
  • Product Listings
  • inquiries direct to supplier
  • unlimited Buying Requests

This is a free membership plan where a member pays no registration fee. Members in this category have the opportunity to post up to 60 products with basic Customized Exclusive Brand Outlet (Mini-store). Members in this category have no opportunity to showcase their products. Members in this category cannot have Premium Vendor Badge. Members will not be able to send any quotation on buyers’ RFQ.

2 Premium Membership
  • GOLD

A Gold member has to pay a membership registration fee of Rp 15,000,000 with an unlimited number of products to post. Have 1 template of Customized Exclusive Brand Outlet (Mini-store) and 5 products to showcase with a 1GB Dedicated Memory. Members in this category earn the Premium Vendor Badge. Also, members will be able to send 10 quotations on buyers’ RFQ daily. There are unlimited opportunities to access to the full benefits of the features in the MIND marketplace for members in this category


A Platinum member has to pay a membership registration fee of Rp 25,000,000 with an unlimited number of products to post. Have 2 templates of Customized Exclusive Brand Outlet (Mini-store) and 12 products to showcase with a 2GB Dedicated Memory. Members in this category earn the Premium Vendor Badge. Also, members will be able to send 15 quotations on buyers’ RFQ daily. Members in this category have unlimited access to the full benefits of the features in the MIND marketplace.


A Diamond member has to pay a membership registration fee based on agreement with (contact for price promotion ). A Diamond member has no unlimited number of products to post. Have 3 templates of Customized Exclusive Brand Outlet (Mini-store) and 28 products to showcase with a 5GB Dedicated Memory. Members in this category earn the Premium Vendor Badge.

What is the general qualification for Premium Membership types? Which is suited for my business the best?

Depending on the size of your business and number of products have ,you may choose the type of premium membership that suits your business requirements.

  • Gold Member

Suited for Small Businesses Who have just started to export or planning to export.

Service Level – Medium

Type of Company incorporation -PT or CV

Annual company sales- 5 billion Rupiah or less

Revenue Cap under Gold Membership -IDR 5 Billion

Number of products – 30 product or less

Number of Employees – 20 or less

Market Size- Regional -Provincial

  • Platinum Member

Medium Size companies who Intend to conduct International trading in multiple countries.

Service Level - Advanced

Type of Company incorporation -PT or CV

Certification -ISO

Annual company sales- 5-50 billion Rupiah

Revenue Cap under Platinum Membership -IDR 10 Billion

Number of Employees – 100 or less

Market Size- Regional -Provincial or National

Number of products – unlimited

  • Diamond Member

Service Level - Advanced

Type of Company incorporation -PT

Certification -ISO

Annual company sales- Above 50 billion Rupiah

Revenue Cap under Gold Membership -No Limit

Number of products – 200 product or above

Number of Employees – 100 or above

Market Size- Regional -National or and International

Number of products – unlimited

Note: Companies can request different membership types for example if a CV company wants to aggressively pursue the International market presence we can custom the memberships for such company on demand
What do I need to provide when I open a new account?

After you register for an seller account, you will go through the Verification /Proof of Registration:

1 Valid business license or business registration document
  • Deed of Establishment & Decree of the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights/ Akta pendirian perusahaan dan SK Menkeh
  • Letter of Domicile/ Surat Keterangan Domisili Perusahaan
  • Director ID/ KTP Direktur
  • Company Taxpayer Identification Number/ NPWP Perusahaan
  • Trade License/ Izin Usaha
  • Company Registration Certificate/ Nomor Induk Berusaha
  • Bank name and account number / Nama Bank dan No Rekening Perusahaan
I am currently not eligible to become a seller because my company documents do not meet the eligibility requirements. Can I have an exemption?

We do not grant exemptions for sellers who cannot meet the eligibility requirements.

What are the advantages of becoming a seller at

We are only open to Indonesia companies only. Individual reseller ae also not is Indonesia’s 1st B2B international marketplace (one-stop-solution for sourcing from Indonesia). You can enjoy our privileges such as:

  • Global Reach- 150 countries globally
  • Worldwide Logistics Services - Land, Air, and Sea Freight service till customer doorsteps.
  • Flexible Payment Methods - Partial Payment System - Multiple Payment options
  • B2B and B2C Business Compatible
  • Global Branding, Visibility, and Market Access
  • Advanced Trading & Business Negotiation Tools
  • Guaranteed Business Enquiries
  • Powerful Catalog Management
  • Rocket Speed – For Seamless Experience

If you are interested in joining premium membership, please write to Our relevant team will contact you and let you know the further details.

Diamond & Platinum Memberships are expensive, is there any way to get the cost lower?

Please be advised that all our service fee is fixed. However, sometimes it may have promotions. You can ask our sales team directly for this. You may go for Gold Membership if you deem the other two expensive.

What type of account do I need to list more than 100 items(products) ?

If you wish to post more than 100 products, you are suggested to either apply for our Premium Seller membership (Platinum or Diamond)

1 If more than 20 products (Gold Membership)
2 More than 20-200 products (Platinum Membership)
3500 plus (Diamond Membership)
How does charge fee and commissions?

The charges for seller depend of the membership plan member has opted for. Majority of the International marketplaces charge anything between 12-20% commission depending on the product category.

In terms of both registration fee and commissions we are very competitive in fact we are the only B2B marketplace in Indonesia charging as low as zero commission for companies who do not want to pay commissions due to thin margins.

There are four types of memberships and commissions and registration fee is charged based on the membership tier you are in:

  • Freemium - zero registration fee, 6% commission + Rp10,000 for each transaction you do on the platform
  • Gold Member- Rp15,000,000/year + 5% commission (flat all categories)
  • Platinum Member- Rp 25,000,000/year + 3% commission (all categories)
  • Diamond Member- Rp 50,000,000/year, zero commission (all categories)