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MIND Membership

Platform MIND telah dirancang dan dikembangkan secara tajam untuk mengatasi persaingan pasar yang sengit dengan menyediakan media yang aman, cepat, cerdas, dan mudah digunakan oleh pengguna dalam berjualan online untuk jumlah yang besar.

MIND marketplace is integrated with all new advance features and functionalities that have never been offered by other E-Commerce platform in Indonesia Our cutting edge Automation and integration features provide multi-channel solutions consist of advanced CRM, bulk features , bulk ordering, one click checkout, configure-price-quote (CPQ) technology, real-time RFQ system, real time multi language chat system.

Become a MIND member for enhanced International Business Operation, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. As great as the opportunities offered by the MIND technology-enhanced digital marketplace sounds, you can only enjoy the benefits by becoming a member.

MIND membership is the only guaranteed way through which Indonesian manufacturers, wholesalers, traders, and the international business communities can access and enjoy the amazing benefits offered by this platform. At MIND Marketplace we encourage Vendors to be Premium Vendor in order to increase the buyer’s confidence to do trade.

A Global Trade Digital Solutions

Since the MIND platform is fully integrated and intelligently designed, it offers the total capability to accommodate all various new advance features and functionalities meeting today’s advanced technology required for global trade digital solutions.




Features Free Gold Platinum Diamond
Product Posting 60 unlimited unlimited unlimited
Professional Website (Global Store) check.svg check.svg Yes Custom
Dedicated Area for Product Showcase check.svg 5 Product 12 Product 28 Product
Unlimited Access to Buyer Directory check.svg Basic Full Full
Guaranteed Enquiries check.svg Yes Yes Yes
Dedicated Memory check.svg 1 GB 3 GB 5 GB
Premium Vendor Badge check.svg check.svg check.svg check.svg
Verified Legality Badge check.svg check.svg check.svg check.svg
Access to Buyer RFQ check.svg check.svg check.svg check.svg
Able to Send Quotation on Buyer RFQ (daily) check.svg 10 15 20
Chat System Basic Multi Language Multi Language Multi Language
Product Terms Modification on Chat System check.svg check.svg check.svg check.svg
Search Engine Marketing for Ministore check.svg check.svg check.svg check.svg
Social Media Marketing for Ministore check.svg check.svg check.svg check.svg
Maintain Social Media Presence check.svg 1 Social Media Account 2 Social Media Account 3 Social Media Account
Sub-Account check.svg 3 Sub-Account 8 Sub-Account 12 Sub-Account
Referral Fee 6% 5% 4% 0
Fund Withdrawal from MIND Wallet 1x per 1 week Custom Custom Custom
Shipment Methods Worldwide Worldwide Worldwide Custom
Sales Report Analytics Basic Premium Premium Premium
Business Trends Basic Premium Premium Premium
Company Profile Certification Dedicated Area check.svg check.svg check.svg check.svg
Key Account Manager check.svg Available on demand check.svg check.svg
Implementation Manager check.svg check.svg check.svg check.svg
Multiple Marketplace Integration check.svg check.svg check.svg check.svg
CRM Integration check.svg check.svg check.svg check.svg
Shadow Listing check.svg check.svg Basic Premium
Multiple Storefronts check.svg check.svg check.svg check.svg
API Access check.svg check.svg check.svg check.svg
Trade Show Facilitation check.svg check.svg check.svg check.svg
Price   Rp 15.000.000 1 Year Free for Curated Brand Rp 25.000.000 1 Year Free for Curated Brand Rp 50.000.000 1 Year Free for Curated Brand
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Premium Vendor Privileges


Product Showcase

As a Premium member, you will have a dedicated area on your platform to showcase your features and your core products for targeted buyers on their personal stores.


Access to Buyer RFQ Board

You have easy access to buyers’ Requests for Quotes Board. When potential buyers make requests for quotes, you can easily access them.


Submit Quotation for Buyer's RFQ

Premium members are able to "Quote Now" the Request for Proposal from the buyers. They will be able to submit their Quotation on their own terms, which include payment terms, minimum quantity to order, price, and other information.


Dedicated Website

You are entitled to a dedicated and customized seller’s website that suits your product showcase and your brand identity. Seeing your company profile and certification and product line history on your store will enhance boost the confidence of buyers to trade with you with no doubt.


Premium Member and Verified Badge

MIND marketplace has well-packaged plans for its Premium members which include Premium membership badge and verified badge which are ways of ensuring that vendors’ legality is submitted, verified and confirmed.


Sub Accounts

You can create and manage your business with multi-premium sub-accounts. As a seller, you can as well create up to 5 sub-accounts which will help you handle and manage specific tasks with their respective sub-account under a master seller account. This tool helps in increasing employee productivity and promotes specialization.


Sales Report Analytics

You can increase your sales by analyzing data from the MIND marketplace. MIND platform will provide additional reports in the form of merging data in the MIND marketplace into Google analytic commerce so you can easily track and read sales results and store traffic.


Real Time Multi Language Chat System

no more language barrier to commence trade between different nationalities. Our A/I led Mlti Language Realtime chat system will enable our sellers to communicate with buyers across the globe in their native language.


Product Terms Modification through Chat System

As premium member, our chat system allows the buyer and seller to negotiate & conduct the transaction via out chat-system in realtime, saving the hassle for sellers to amend their terms for individual buyers, all you need to do is to negotiate and approve.


Search Engine Marketing (Google Ads)

With people searching billions of keywords everyday, we will help your product to get the exposure needed to enhance the visibility in Google Search Engine Marketing.


Scial Media Marketing (Facebook, Instagram and Youtube)

Vendor products will be advertised through MIND social media advertisements and campaigns in Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn, and Twitter.



MIND marketplace ensures our buyers have multiple choices to pay through the payment options that suits them the most especially the international buyers.



Pay as low as zero percent commission under our diamond membership plan. MIND will engage with you to determine the best suited membership plan for you.


Key Account Manager

MIND platform will take care about the rest. Dedicated Key Account Managers to work on your behalf in promoting your business and generating business leads and supporting you on each stage till the transaction cycle including aftersales follow-up.


Bulk Upload Product

No need to upload your products one by one. In MIND our system allows you to upload in bulk in the form of xslx / csv.


Cash on Delivery

MIND Geolocation & vendor location systems allow buyers to chose Cash on Delivery option based their proximity from the seller (Local Market Only)


App for Vendor

Our premium member will get efficient, faster, and secure vendor mobile apps allowing you to real-time access to our RFQ system, message notifications, etc.


SEM & SEO Marketing

MIND Marketplace guarantees that your product will be seen by buyers. We have a team of experts who will manage the search engine optimization and search engine marketing strategies so you can get maximum profits. MIND team will ensure that vendors get content for social media or websites that are effective for product targets.


MIND Platform Advertisement Service

Vendors can take several marketing content packages that are available with varying budgets. Services: unlimited related item groups, auto generated “You May Also Like” items, unique content or pricing per customer segment, merchandising priority settings per product to boost, globally and per category, product visibility and rotation in automated ‘You May Also Like’ feature.


Geo-Location Feature

MIND Platform allows sellers to set their locations to receive more orders from local customers. The seller locations function allows to display a map with all the sellers in the chosen location, enable product filtering by distance from the customer’s location, showing nearby sellers on the marketplace homepage and more.

Value-added Services for Buyers

Express RFQ, 3rd Vendor Verification/Production Inspection Service, Dynamic Worldwide Logistic Service, Secure Payment System, and Partial Payment System

RFQ Instant

RFQ or Request for Instant Quotation is a request submitted by a buyer for product / services to get the best bidder according to specifications and budget but, in a faster time than the Regular RFQ. Only in 4 hours the quotation has been processed.

RFQ More Quote

RFQ or Request for Quotation more quote is a request submitted by the buyer for product / services to get the best bidder according to specifications and budget but, we can get a quotation twice more even up to six quotations

Onsite Verification

Want to verify tour potential business partner? Looks no further! For a small fee, MIND will send a team to verify your potential business partner to remove any doubts regarding the company and manufacture legality.

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