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The first question we usually face from Small Businesses, how will I manage all this?
it is complex for me! Can I get some Help?

As with any business move or expansion, considering an online presence can raise a sometimes dizzying list of questions for an entrepreneurs and Small Businesses. Starting B2B Ecommerce especially Global trade requires more than having a yellow page listing in some website or doing some ads on Instagram or Facebook.

It is similar to building a physical store but in this case online. The bigger challenge is as global marketplace we possess all the simple to use digital ,marketing and technology tools for you to conduct global B2B trade but how can you or can you utilize and operate all these tools is the question to address especially when you don’t have a dedicated staff member specialized in International B2B Ecommerce.

Small businesses usually have little or no e-commerce capabilities on their websites and no time to learn the process will learn about taking the next step to devise a thorough e-commerce strategy from setting up their global store to digital marketing, analytics, lead generation, online branding, expanding customer bases and ultimately increasing revenues in our case especially in global markets. It is a process.

We Are Here To Help!

We are Indonesia’s 1st such e-commerce platform offering B2B dedicated key account manager service to our members who either don’t have required manpower or time to manage their e-commerce channel. Our KAM possess required qualifications and training that help entrepreneurs overcome above mentioned challenges just like opening a physical store, setting up shop online takes deep understanding of product market fit, knowledge and demands a high level of optimism.

Dedicated Key Account Manager (KAM) job will be to drive revenue for signed accounts through elegant online solutions and a key component for doing that is through targeted marketing initiatives. Working with companies' marketing teams, KAM can help you get the most out of your SEO, PPC, and marketing campaigns because we understand the marketing details as well as the technical details. Testing out new marketing initiatives like sending email campaigns, implementing promotion modules on Madeinindonesia.com account site, or optimizing your checkout flow to drive traffic and keeps your site fresh and new.

Key Account Manager Roles


Work as seller’s translator to reduce the language barrier


Develop trust relationships with a portfolio of clients


Assist in negotiation with buyers


Resolve any issues and problems and deal with complaints to maintain trust


Prepare regular reports of progress and forecasts to internal team


Work as seller’s translator to reduce the language barrier


Manage & engage across seller’s social media


Available online during Indonesia working hours for any kind of assistance.


Play a fundamental role in helping us achieve our ambitious revenue growth objectives


Carry out all major tasks from account registration, product listing, to website development for the client


Underling the client market and customer targets and countries of interest and Initiate targeted buyer search.


Play an integral part in generating new sales that will turn into long-lasting relationships


Ensure the correct products and services are delivered to customers in a timely manner


Execute seller Google Services through the concerned department. Assist in arranging & connecting TOP Rank Keywords.


Professionally executes mass email campaigns in advertising seller’s product to thousands of potential buyers


Provide monthly/weekly/daily reports to client (to keep seller up to date with their account performance) (depending on the plan chosen by client)


Professional assistance via email, phone, WhatsApp anytime during the working hours to respond to immediate queries from client and follow timely reporting structure

Key Account Manager Qualifications


KAMs are a solutions-oriented individuals possessing inhouse training for Madeinindonesia.com account management and export related information and basic procedures to conduct trade.


Acts as a bridge between buyer and seller, responsible for address buyer requests, and necessary support on behalf of the client (seller).


Special training and certification in e-commerce, export knowledge from Indonesia to overseas markets.


Coordination with shipping, payment partners, to complete the order and seller payouts.


Experience in targeted buyer search through our private database resources.


Experience in business negotiation with both domestic and international buyers.


Ability to drive results, metrics, and key performance indicators


Experience in managing the sales cycle in a customer facing role


Assist in advance integration with Ebay, Amazon, and other international marketplaces on case by case basis.


KAM possess hardworking and resilient attitude with a strong desire to build relationships through technology


Business Opportunities

  • International Buyer Inquiries
  • Material / Product Sourcing
  • Message Center To Answer Inquiries
  • Respond To Quotation Requests

Online Events

  • Showcase online promotions
  • Chat interface to connect with potential customers

Biz trend

  • Traffic data analysis (customer views, clicks, etc)
  • Hot keywords search
  • Products performances by country & region reports

Order Protection Service

  • Payment protection services and support
  • Shipment services and support
  • Buyer verification services / product quality protection services support
  • Cargo insurance facilitation and support

Logistics Planning

  • End to end logistic planning
  • Competitive exchange rates
  • Free foreign exchange service
  • Updated daily

Trade Data Online

  • Customs clearance service
  • Track customs clearance status online
  • Establish trust & confidence between buyers & suppliers in global trade

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