CURATOR UAE works with dozens of partners (Curators) across the world that have extensive experiences in various industries. They act as the hand-holder on strategic sourcing of Indonesian products. These Curators help international buyers source products with ease. Thus, they help improve cross-border digital trade to the next level. They help in counselling and advising business players to improve effective sourcing and supply trackability.

The professional curators will also act as a mentor to help sellers upgrade their products to the highest standard possible. The idea for the creation of Curators comes out due to the fact that despite digital tech advancement, relations between global sellers and buyers still faces big challenges, one of which is the issue of trust or the lack of it.

The presence of Curators will definitely bridge gaps of specifications of products, packaging et cetera between sellers and buyers and surely increase trust between them and, thus, will ensure beneficial trade. Curators come from different expertise to comply with the need for assessment on product and technical aspect.

The Curators may be companies, agencies or professionals, such as CEOs or leaders in the industry, who have expertise in specific field or commodity. They may also be agencies that have extensive knowledge and technical understanding on particular fields.

Particularly for UAE market, has partnered with ITPC Dubai that will act as the Curator for UAE market. ITPC Dubai will be responsible in ensuring Indonesian sellers and UAE buyers engage in fair and transparent transactions to build mutual trust. Thus, the Curator also has knowledge in quality and legal aspects of each product.
For specific assignment, buyers can contact All of this facilities come with no charge or free services.


Curator UAE, with supports from many strategic partners, offers quality services that will help Indonesain and foreign business players do trade easier and simpler. Below are some of the quality services:

Permanent Trade Display

Trade promotion activities conducted in a designated place

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Market Intelligence

Collecting, processing and analyzing data related to trade

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Market Brief

Data and information related to market potential and products

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Chance for consultation regarding trade rules and opportunities

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As an entity that wins full support from the Trade Ministry, Curator UAE offers numerous advantages for business players, Indonesian exporters and UAE importers alike. Many of those advantages can be seen from the following buttons below


Helping entrepreneurs in marketing their goods in the ITPC region


Promoting Indonesia export product to international market


Providing information on Indonesian products


Connecting Indonesian entrepreneurs and partners in UAE


Increasing promotional activities and conduct business activities


Doing trade promotion to boost export of non-oil/gas commodities

In carrying out those functions, ITPC Dubai conducts market penetration,
export promotion and information services through:


Providing permanent display room for Indonesia’s export products at ITPC office


Networking with trade-related organizations


Help to find suitable importers and exporters for Indonesian products


Help exporters who want to develop their market in United Emirates Arab


Doing research on UAE trade policies and products that fit into the market of UAE


Assist business meetings between importers and exporters


Provide market brief, statistical data and data exporters and importers


Doing product promotion and facilitate Indonesians to participate at expo


Create website with information on business opportunities & potentials


Provide promotional media on Indonesian export products