OUR innovative RFQ system helps you to find the relevant Customers worldwide . MIND RFQ provides customers the option of custom order wherein they can quote request to marketplace sellers. The seller and customer can even negotiate about the quotation, price of the product, delivery methods and place orders.

What use our RFQ service


In addition to pricing, RFQs may include details such as payment terms, factors that could influence a company's bid selection, submission deadline, and the like. Using an RFQ reduces the amount of time it takes to procure goods or services. It also offers a degree of security as a company will receive bids only from vendors it prefers. On the other hand, because RFQs reduce the amount of competition, a company may miss out on receiving the lowest-available price or learning about new high-quality vendors.


RFQ Advantages


Electronic RQF system
could generate more Reponses globally


Suppliers can bid
online to provide you best choices


a building bid management system


Customers can negotiate,
place orders and pay within the quotation

Providing tangible results
and measurable savings


Save money with
competitive procurement.


Average cost savings


Save time through
streamlined processes


Reduction in
procurement manhours


Save resources through
increased efficiency


Average increase
in productivity

Request for Quotation (RFQ) System

MADEININDONESIA Simplifying B2B Negotiation process by providing a Dynamic and Robust RFQ system where you could.


RFQ for Products


RFQ for Services (Inspection/Verification/ Certification Services)


RFQ for Logistics (Sea Freight /Ari Freight/ Land Transportation)


RFQ for Trade Financing (Coming soon)

One of the advantages of using the RFQ method to procure pricing is that the company making the solicitation does not need to prepare any documentation, as requests are sent out privately. With less paperwork to prepare, turnaround times for quotes are reduced. There aren’t many disadvantages to utilizing this approach.

RFQ SYSTEM How it works?

We work with dozens of channel partners and leading companies to make sure you get all you need to source safely and securely from Indonesia. Not only you RFQ products but may get in touch with Leading logistics partners / Financing partners/ verification and certification inspection companies all at one place.


Submit Request For Quotation

Fill up the required form and provide our Sellers with information of the product you need Quotation for.


Our Industry expert will contact you

Seller of that particular product will start contacting you with the relevant information instantly.

For Large order, private label/white label/ production orders, Our key account manager shall provide special assistance and will contact you within 1 business day.


Select your preferred seller


100% buyer protection

Using MADEININDONESIA.COM , Escrow services and secure checkout process ensures that your transaction is protected and secure.

End-to-End E-Procurement

From requisitioning items to receiving and paying for them, the entire procure-to-pay process can be run from beginning to end all in one place.


Create and approve purchase requests/ White label/ Private label/ Production order/ Sampling or prototyping requests


Create and float queries to suppliers for offers


Receive responses from suppliers directly


Easily compare and evaluate offers (Inbuild multiple language realtime chat system)


Give counter-offers and document the negotiation using inbuild B2B negotiation system with secured checkout


Approve and issue purchase orders


Track and receive delivery
Match and pay bills / Request for Pay Latter

RFQ System FAQ

What is Request for Proposal?

A Request for Proposal (RFP) is a formal method of receiving detailed and comparable proposals from different suppliers for a specified product or service. It is a comprehensive document that should provide all the required information needed to make an informed purchasing decision for strategic purchases. An RFP process may take anything from a few weeks to six months.

What is Request for Quotation?

A Request of Quotation (RFQ) is a competitive bid document used when inviting suppliers or contractors to submit a price bid products or services where the requirements are standardized or produced in repetitive quantities. An RFQ is often used for high-volume/low-value items and should be completed more quickly than an RFP. The buyer must provide a technical specification as well as his commercial requirements. The document may sometimes be referred to as an Invitation to Bid or Invitation to Tender.

How to write an RFQ document?

A well-constructed RFQ should open with an introduction to the company and its business and a statement of the need. It then allows suppliers to express their offers clearly to fulfil that need and provides the buyer with a fair way to select the best solution. An efficient way to do this is to provide bidders with a template that is designed to elicit the full information required in a format that allows for easy comparison. Time spent in preparation will save time and frustration later.

Why Should I use an RFQ?


Do you have a list of prequalified vendors that can supply the specific product or service you need?


Do you know exactly what you want to buy and how many of each item?


Is price the most important factor?


Are you buying something that is ready out-of-the-box and needs no specialization?


Are you buying something that is ready out-of-the-box and needs no specialization?

If you answered yes to all of these questions, then an RFQ is a good choice for you.

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