Enabling Local And Cross-Border Payouts In Multiple Currencies

MIND platform supports dozens of payment options from Credit cards, TT, online payments, partial payments with some of the most reputed national and international banks and Indonesia's most secure payment gateway licensed under monetary authority of Indonesia (OJK), further payment options via letter of credit (LC) and Cash on deliver are providude under special cases.

What is MIND Secured Payment?

Madeinindonesia don’t allow any vendors to receive the payments directly in their account in any case. We cannot be responsible for any transactions outside the platform. Only use payment options designated on Madeinindonesia payment page and options. Our secured payment protects online orders when payment is made through our platform as pay. The hassle-free and secure transcation system on our platform allows you peace of mind as the supplier does not get paid till you get the desired product to your door steps.


Operational Process

Once your payment is processed, your order status will change to 'waiting for supplier to ship order.' If the buyer opted for installments the status will change to 'awaiting balance payment'. If the amount received for your initial payment is less than the amount agreed in your contract, your order status will change to 'insufficient payment'. This may be because bank charges were deducted form your payment. Please contact the supplier and ask them to confirm your payment(sellers can view the incoing payment but cannot withdraw it). If the amount received is significantly less than the amount agreed in your contract (more than 5% or more than US $100), please first complete your payment.


Payment Methods Allowed On

We offer multiple bank transfer options for large transactions with low transaction fee (please check the transaction fee list) and for real-time transaction. We partnered with some international banking and secure payment gateway licensed under monetary authority of Indonesia (OJK). uses cutting edge technology to secure your payment to make sure it gets to the supplier safely. We’re also developing Transaction Center to help you track and reconcile the funds flow. Various payment methods are available on that you can use such as:

Transaction Fee

The following transaction fees apply depending on the payment methods


How Does MIND Secured Payment Work?

Only transfer payments to our designated corporatee account and payment options. We cannot guarantee if you transfer any payment directly to seller outside the platform.

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