ALIVE BIOCOM-C SD [Vitamin C Health Supplement 500mg]

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Alive Biocom C-SD is a health supplement containing Vitamin C 500 mg Indication: - Maintain body endurance - Helps meet Vitamin C needs - Speed ​​up the healing or recovery process after illness Packaging: Box, 10 strips @10 capsules No. Registration: POM SD211382731

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PT Afifarma Pharmaceutical Industries

PT Afifarma Pharmaceutical Industries

Acquired a company named Asia Pharco Industries.
Build the first Manufacturing Plant in Mauni 39 Kediri with Liquid Production
Name changed to AFIFARMA Pharmaceutical Industries.
Qualified for Production License from the Minister of Health Republic Indonesia
for Tablets/Boli/Granules/Pastiles Facilities and started collaboration for
providing government Health projects.
Acquired License for Herbal Medicine Industry from The Minister of Health
Republic Indonesia in capsule and tablet forms in enhancing the rich natural
resources of Indonesia.
Admits License of Industry of Traditional Medicine from The Minister of Health
Republic Indonesia.
Build the Second Manufacturing Plant (UNIT 2) qualified for cGMP in Mauni
Industri 8 Kediri, East Java for Liquid, Solid and Powder form Production
Acquired Licenses of Production for Pharmaceutical Industry , Cosmetics
Industry, Household health supplies Industry by The Minister of Health
Republic Indonesia and obtained a Certificate of Good Manufacturing Practice
(GMP) in Mauni Industri 8, Kediri, East Java.
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