Bawang Putih 60 Capsules

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PT Dami Sariwana

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PT Dami Sariwana

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PT Dami Sariwana

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PT Dami Sariwana

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  1. Function and Usage : Helps reduce lipid in the blood
  1. Directions of use  : Take 2 capsules, 3 times a day (after meal)
  1. Packaging : Bottle contains 60 capsules
  1. Natural Ingredients : Each capsules contains the extracts of :
  • Allium Sativum Bulbus Extracts(Garlic root) .................. 500 mg
  1. Working Mechanism
  • Garlic chemical content: essential oil, allyldisulfide, dialildisulfide, allicin, allicin, alinasa enzyme, thioglycosides, vitamins A, B etc.
  • In general, it contains: essential oil, anti-bacterial, antiseptic, allicin, anti-cholesterol, calcium, saltivine etc.
  • Its usefulness is to overcome high blood pressure, lower cholesterol, control blood sugar levels, natural blood purifier, source of natural anti-biotics.


  1. Caution

Be careful taking this product along with blood thinning drugs (anti-coagulants) and if you are going to have surgery, consult a doctor immediately.


  1. Contradiction : Be careful with peptic ulcers.


  1. Strength
  • Made from natural ingredients and safe for consumption as recommended.
  • Selected from quality natural ingredients for men and women work to help reduce blood fat levels.

Product Pictures

PT Dami Sariwana

PT Dami Sariwana

Verified vendor

PT. Dami Sariwana manufactures traditional Indonesian herbal medicine, or better known as “Jamu”. Our company focuses on providing a better and safer choice of medicine with lower long-term use risks by using all natural ingredients for our products.

Our commitment is to be able to provide high quality products that are able to maintain and enhance general health and wellbeing, and help treats diseases.

We are actively expanding our research and development pipeline to sustain our commitment to develop better products for the market. Hence, we are always looking for ways to improve our exisiting products and constantly come up with new innovations.

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