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  • JAMU TEA - Virus Prevention

    Rp 25.000 / Piece (MOQ: 10)
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    Product Description

    JAMU TEA - Virus Prevention

    RempaRempa product variant is based on the symptomps/physical ailment experience. The recipe and composition are based on the Indonesian heritage of Jamu wisdom, all hand-made from natural materials.

    Mild, light formula, bitter free

    - Pouch, 5 tea bags


    - Virus Prevention
    - Cold
    - Gerd
    - Feminine Health
    - Menstrual Comfort
    - Male Fertility

    Product Pictures

    PT Tanka Inovasi Visimuda

    PT Tanka Inovasi Visimuda

    PT Tanka Inovasi Visimuda
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