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SAKURAROOF economical tile with superiority Zincalume tile which is lightweight, rust-proof, leak-proof and durable, now comes at a very light price for you.

In addition, the special technology of SAKURAROOF painting makes the color beauty not fade.

What are you waiting for?

for a quality economical choice, SAKURAROOF your choice

The Latest & Cheapest Price of Sakura Metal Roof Tile 2018 - Sakuraroof Metal Tile is a metal tile made of galvanized steel plate coated with zinc. The combination of galvanized steel and zinc plates makes this metal tile stronger so it can protect your building in all weather conditions. By using the latest technology from Japan, Sakuraroof Metal Tile colors are more durable than other similar products. Metal sakura roof tile is also lightweight, rust resistant and easy to install.

"TOP BRAND AWARD winner. Indonesian Family Choice Tile ". Realizing your dream of a quality protective roof now is no longer a problem. Sakura Roof, an economical high-quality tile with all the advantages of Zincalume which is lightweight, rust-proof, leak-proof and durable, now comes at a lightweight price for you. Sakura Roof is present in:

Sakura Roof Garuda with a thickness of 0.35mm

Sakura Roof Eagle with a thickness of 0.30mm

Sakura Roof Pigeon / Jazz with a thickness of 0.25mm

Sakura Roof Crystal with thickness (0.25mm & 0.30mm)

Advantages of SAKURA ROOF:

* Resistant to loads and collisions

* Resistant to rust, rupture, mildew and mold

* Resistant to color changes in various weather conditions

* Can provide higher added value (saving construction and maintenance)




Raw Material: Gemilang AZ 100 (Zincalume: 55% Aluminum)

Thickness: Pigeon Type: 0.22 mm

Eagle Type: 0.30 mm

Garuda Type: 0.35 mm

Weight / sheet: 1.5 kg

Tilt angle: 12 ° to 90 °

Lath Size: 20 mm x 30 mm

Size of Kaso: 50 mm x 70 mm

Batten distance: 385 mm

Distance of Kaso: 500 mm.

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