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PT Cisangkan

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PT Cisangkan

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PT Cisangkan

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PT Cisangkan

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Product Description

CISANGKAN® roof tiles are produced using the wet process, which is the wet process. The selected raw material for sand and cement goes through a long process, which is printed using a Japanese technology machine, then each tile that is produced goes through the soaking process (2 x 24 hours) then curing naturally (14-21 days), and each tile is will go through the process of rubbing and quality control one by one. Finishing is the process of coating with a solvent base paint to order.

One of CISANGKAN®'s superior tile products, Victoria flat tile profiles, which are available in 4 choices of models / motifs: Slate, Multiline, Pine and Classic. Victoria tile is very precise and has an interlocking system with each other that allows it to be installed very neatly and impervious to the influx of rainwater caused by wind factors. Another advantage of Victoria flat tile profiles is that it has a Gutter Line which is a water rope to direct the flow of rainwater, Two Lines Barrier, Upper Barrier and Double Protection Bar to stem rainwater.

CISANGKAN® roof tiles are designed in accordance with the tropical climate in Indonesia and have passed the tests that refer to national standards, namely SNI 0096 - 2007. Bending Test Standards, which are Flexural Strength> 1200 N.


CONCRETE TILE Technical Specifications:

  • Concrete Mix Base Material
  • Material Quality Referring to SNI 0096: 2007
  • Minimum Flex Load of 1200N
  • Water Absorption <10%
  • Wet System Press Machine Production System
  • 2-Stage Sprayboot Machine Painting System (Base Coat and Pigment Top Coat)
  • Finishing Using Solvent Based Paint that Resists Weather, Water, Alkali and UV Rays
  • Thickness of 70 Microns Cat
  • Cat Testing Procedures and Results Refer to ASTM Section 6, Volume 06.01



Wood texture on tile surfaces is another natural alternative to complement the naturalist style of the building.


Product Specification Victoria Pine Type:

  • Nominal Area: 33 x 42 cm
  • Effective Area: 25.9 x 39.1 cm
  • Weight: 4.8 kg
  • The use of tiles: 10 Fruit / m2
  • Use of Upper Nok / Lower Nok: 2.5 Pieces / m1
  • Side Use: 4 pieces / m1
  • Spacing between battens: 25.5 cm
  • Roof Angle: Minimum 25o(> 40oMust Use Nails)

Intermittent Installation Methods

Product Pictures

PT Cisangkan

PT Cisangkan

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PT Cisangkan founded in 1974, has successfully pioneered and actively creating new product innovations in the production of pre-cast concrete, which makes PT Cisangkan as a pioneer in the field of concrete-based manufacturing. Since then, PT Cisangkan play a significant role in the development of the concrete industry, not only at the local level, but also at national and international level.

Of the three offices that we have now, PT Cisangkan able to provide good services to many clients, such as government bodies, architects, developers and also contractors both on private and public sectors. PT Cisangkan as one of the leading independent concrete fabricator company in Indonesia, also provides international services to provide added value to the construction industry in any kind of pre-cast concrete products.

Our reputation for quality and manufacturing excellence, has placed PT Cisangkan at the top ranks of home building material provider in Indonesia.
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