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Multi Roof Metal TileAs the crown of your building, the tile you choose is the result of careful consideration. Your chosen tile must answer your need for durability and reliability for a very long period of time. Exuding beauty as an expression of your aesthetics and lifestyle as well as optimal values.
The tile of your choice is your personal conversation about "quality".
MULTIROOF and MULTICOLOR are the highest level products. Eliminate your worries about leaking roofs, broken tiles, mold or mildew. The compact but sturdy metallic material provides added value because it saves maintenance and does not overload construction like other types of tile.

Wide choice of attractive colors:
MULTI ROOF: Pretty Maroon, Jade Green, Coffe Brown, Diamond Black, Stone Gray.
MULTI COLOR: Multi Red, Multi Blue, Multi Brown, Multi Green.

MULTIROOF Advantages:
* Resistant to loads and collisions
* Resistant to rust, rupture, mildew and mold
* Resistant to color changes in various weather conditions
* Can provide higher added value (saving construction and maintenance)
* Can reduce hot air and rain disturbances due to the use of natural color stone layers

Thickness of 0.40 mm TCT (Total coating thickness) from Zincalume Clean Colorbond raw material from
- MULTIROOF: Zincalume metal tile with rock layers
- MULTICOLOR: Zincalume color metal tile

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Mitra Murni Sejati

Mitra Murni Sejati

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CV. Mitra Murni Sejati is a company engaged in the field of General Trading and Building 
Materials Supplier. This company is officially established with a business license from the relevant Government Agency. Company experience and professional employees make this company trustworthy and responsible. So don't hesitate to shop on line immediately through our company. We sell several building materials for Housing, Warehouses, Factories, Shops, Offices.
There are several modern & trendy materials available for: roofs, walls, ceilings, floors, fences and many products related to your building. Don't wait, please contact us and we are ready to serve you We deliberately sell online by keeping in mind the rapidly growing online business in the present and future as well as the many benefits that are gained. The benefits of shopping online are: Save shopping time. Practically there is no need to bother and there is no need to jostle or queue up. Do not have to carry groceries that are too heavy. 24-hour service, so free at any time shopping. The price is cheaper than the existing Stores and Supermarkets. In the current digital era, shopping via online stores has made a new lifestyle that is different and modern practical shopping models.
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