Rules for Preventing Duplicate Product Postings

MADEININDONESIA.COM (MIND) is been committed to building a commercial platform characterized fairness, openness and ease-of-use. We are therefore updating our rules for duplicate product postings. Please review these new posting rules carefully and take action accordingly.

Rules for avoiding duplicate product postings are intended to guarantee the quality of product posts on our platform. The number of duplicate postings, especially low-quality posts have a negative and direct effect on the ease of finding quality listings. After conducting thorough investigation into this issue, including consulting with a wide range of buyers and sellers, we have made the following changes to the product posting rules on MADEININDONESIA.COM:

Definition of duplicate product posting:

This refers to the practice by some sellers to display the same commodity as several different items for sale. The unique features of each commodity should be clearly understandable from the product title, description, pictures etc. – if not, it will be regarded as a duplicate posting.

Identifying duplicate product postings (include but not limited to the following conditions):

1. In the case that the same seller sells the same products with same pictures, a highly similar title and attributes, it is regarded as a duplicate product post. All duplicate product postings will be treated a severe violation of the posting rules.

Consequences of duplicate product postings

If you are repeatedly found to be in violation of the posting rules by posting duplicate products, you will receive a number of warnings. If you fail to comply with the rules, your case will be escalated accordingly.

1. Our system will run regular checks to identify repeat posts. When discovered, these posts will be removed leaving only the highest quality unique post live.

2. Multiple duplicate post instances will cause your Mini-Site/Mini-Store ranking to be lowered. In serious cases, shops will be suspended or closed.  ;

Advice for operators:

1. Make sure repeat post are edited or deleted in a timely manner (the seller may conduct self-check and optimization with the Commodity Diagnosing and Optimizing Tool in the Search & Diagnosis Center)

2. When posting new products, make sure to differentiate the products you display

A product posting is a duplicate if: need to make screenshot from MIND system

1. The same product is displayed multiple times, without any meaningful differentiation in term of product title, description and picture(s)

2. The same product is displayed multiple times in the form of different sizes, specifications and colors for

3. The same product is displayed multiple times in the form of different pictures

4. The same product is displayed multiple times with the same specifications defined by sellers

5. The same product is displayed multiple times with only differentiation being for various non-critical properties

6. The same product is displayed multiple times without significant differentiation between specifications

It is our hope that these updated rules will help all of our users conduct safe, fair and equitable trade on our world-leading platform.