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The MIND platform has been intelligently designed and developed to overcome fierce market competition by providing a secure, fast, intelligent, and user-friendly online sales medium.

A Digital Solution for Global Trade

Fully integrated and intelligently designed, the platform offers total capability to accommodate all the latest features and functions in meeting the current technologies required for global digital trading solutions.

Diamond Membership Features


Product Showcase

Premium members have a dedicated area to showcase key features and products to target buyers at the vendor's personal store.


Access to Buyer RFQ Board

Premium members can access and view request proposals (RFPs) from buyers and submit offers that suit the buyer's needs.


Submit Quotation for Buyer's RFQ

Premium members simply click "Offer Now" to respond to RFP from buyers. Premium members can submit offers on their own terms, such as payment conditions, minimum order amounts, prices, and other information.


Dedicated Website

The website is seller-only and tailored to your product showcase and brand identity. Target shoppers can view the company's profile and certification as well as the history of the in-store product line. That way, it will increase the buyer's trust to transact without hesitation.


Premium Member and Verified Badge

MIND Premium members will have a membership badge to ensure that the vendor's legality has been successfully submitted and verified.


Sub Accounts

Sellers can create 5 sub-accounts that will help them handle specific tasks with each sub-account that is under the seller's master account. With this Sub-account, it will certainly increase employee productivity and promote specialization.


Sales Report Analytics

The MIND platform will provide additional reports in the form of merging data on mind marketplace into Google Analytics Commerce so that you can easily track and read the results of sales and the number of visits (traffic) in your store.


Real Time Multi Language Chat System

No more language barriers to start interstate trade. Our Multi-language Realtime Chat System allows sellers to communicate with buyers around the world in their native language. Because our multi language chat system is integrated A/I.


Product Terms Modification through Chat System

As a premium member, our chat system allows buyers and sellers to negotiate and transact through a realtime chat system, easing the hassle for sellers to change their terms for individual buyers, all you need to do is negotiate and agree.


Search Engine Marketing (Google Ads)

People search for billions of keywords every day, so we'll help your products get the exposure they need to increase visibility in google's search engine.


Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Instagram and Youtube)

Through the MIND platform, we'll market your products through social media to be visible and people informed. Your products will be advertised through MIND social media ads and campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


Key Account Manager

On MIND Marketplace, you just focus on what's best to do, producing goods and selling them. The rest, MIND Marketplace will take care of your own business, a Key Account Manager dedicated to working on your behalf in promoting your business, thus generating business prospects and supporting you at every stage up to the transaction cycle including services provided after the transaction.

Feature Table


membership Member

Product Posting unlimited
Customized Exclusive Brand Outlet (Ministore) 3 Template
Product Showcase 28 Product
Dedicated Memory 5 GB
Premium Vendor Badge
Verified Legality Badge  √
Access to Buyer RFQ  √
Able to Send Quotation on Buyer RFQ (daily) 20
Chat System Multi Language
Product Terms Modification on Chat System
Search Engine Marketing for Ministore
Social Media Marketing for Ministore
Maintain Social Media Presence 3 Social Media Account
Sub-Account 12 Sub-Account
Referral Fee -
Fund Withdrawal from MIND Wallet Custom
Shipment Method Custom Service
Sales Report Analytics Premium
Business Trend Premium
Company Profile Certification dedicated Area
Key Account Manager
Price Rp 50.000.000

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