Rules for Enforcement Actions against Non-Compliance Relating to Inappropriate Product Postings has been committed to acting in good faith and actively maintaining a good market order of the platform. In order to stop inappropriate product postings and enhance user experience, these Rules are hereby formulated in accordance with the Rules for Transactions on

Article 1. Definition

Non-compliance in connection with inappropriate product postings (hereinafter referred to as “Inappropriate Product Postings”) shall refer to non-compliance by seller in posting product information on, including but not limited to inappropriate product title description, miscategorized product, duplicate product postings, false product pricing and false minimum order quantity (MOQ) of product, etc.

Article 2. Types of Non-compliance

1. Inappropriate product title description

Inappropriate product title description includes without limitation: no clear product name in title description; containing contact information in title description; excessive product names in title description; excessive product descriptions in title (including without limitation to excessive product names, brands, model numbers and descriptive words); inconsistency between product name in title description and product pictures; inconsistency of seller’ intention stated  in product title description and that stated in detailed product description, etc.

2. Miscategorized product

Miscategorized product refers to product postings that are placed in inappropriate categories.

In selecting product category, seller shall select a category that closest matches and is most appropriate for your product, and shall not select the category “others” as long as there is any other suitable category. The category recommended by the system shall be for reference only. Seller shall carefully select the related and suitable category according to the attributes that describe your product.

For prohibited and controlled categories, seller shall select the designated categories in product postings, failing which, such seller shall be deemed to circumvent rules governing the prohibited and restricted categories and MADEININDONESIA.COM shall have the right to impose enforcement actions in accordance with Enforcement Actions for Displaying Prohibited and Controlled Items.

Examples of prohibited and controlled categories:

(1) In case of posting information on over-the-counter (OTC) drug, the category “health & medical > medicine” shall be chosen;

(2) In case of posting information on fireworks and firecrackers, the category “Gifts & Crafts > Festive & Party Supplies > Fireworks & Firecrackers” shall be chosen;

(3) In case of posting information on police supplies, the category “Security & Protection > police & military supplies” shall be chosen;

(4) In case of posting information on bow and arrow, the category “Sports & Entertainment > Outdoor Sports > Hunting > Bow & Arrow” shall be chosen;

(5) In case of posting information on audio and video product, the category “Consumer Electronics > electronic publications” shall be chosen.

3. Duplicate product postings

Duplicate product postings refers to the product information posted by seller being identical or similar, or major product attributes or descriptions (including but not limited to brand, specification, model, material, picture, etc.) being identical or similar.

4. False product pricing and false MOQ of product

Such non-compliance includes without limitation: the product price range posted is significantly different from the market price of similar product in the same industry; the product price posted is low but the shipping cost is significantly higher than average; the shipping cost actually charged is higher than that posted by seller; providing false MOQ of product, etc.

Article 3. Enforcement Actions

Where seller has committed, or MADEININDONESIA.COM reasonably believes that seller has committed, the aforementioned non-compliance relating to Inappropriate Product Postings, MADEININDONESIA.COM will take the enforcement actions as follows:

[Against product]

The product that is involved in Inappropriate Product Postings (except for duplicate product postings) will be blocked in search results. MADEININDONESIA.COM reserves the rights including but not limited to take down or delete such product postings.

For product that is involved in duplicate product postings, such product information will be displayed only once in search results, namely, the product with the highest buyer preference and the best record effect will be displayed when buyer searches similar product with particular keyword. Other duplicate product information will not be displayed in search results.

[Against account]

If any non-compliance relating to Inappropriate Product Postings is found by the platform, the ranking of the entire store shall be lowered in search results for seven (7) days.

In addition, for non-compliance in product title description, false product pricing and false MOQ of product, 0 penalty point will be deducted  for the first three violations in a given year and two (2) penalty points will be deducted  for each of the fourth and the subsequent violations (including violations detected and confirmed by the system). 


1. These Rules will be implemented from July 00, 2019.

2. MADEININDONESIA.COM reserves the right to promptly amend these Rules in accordance with any changes to laws and regulations, changes in business environment and other factors and to announce the same. The amended Rules will come into force as of the date specified in the announcement.

3. These Rules are an integral part of the Rules for Transactions on MADEININDONESIA.COM. In case of any inconsistency between these Rules and the Rules for Transactions on MADEININDONESIA.COM, these Rules shall prevail. For any matters not covered herein, the Rules for Transactions on MADEININDONESIA.COM shall apply. In the event of inconsistency, ambiguity or conflict between the Indonesian and the non-Indonesian version of these Rules ,the Indonesian Version shall prevail.