Regulation of Duplicate Products and Products without Performance in Relation to Search Results Ranking

1.Strong penalty against deceits:

(a) The upgraded system of duplicate products in  Listing Optimization Tool shall comprehensively scan for duplicate products and duplicate product groups containing 2 or more than 2 duplicate products will be displayed.

(b) Strengthening of penalties against duplicate products:

Identification of duplicate products and the relevant penalties will be further strengthened. Suppliers shall be responsible for checking duplicate products of their own and shall ensure no product is duplicate.  Serious duplicate products listing shall result in lowering of ranking of all products posted by the supplier.

(c) All other bad faith or deceitful conducts identified by system shall result in more serious penalty and lowering in ranking upon the supplier’s products being searched.  To avoid penalty, suppliers are reminded neither to cheat nor to imitate dishonesty of any other suppliers.

Instructions:  Go to “My MIND-Products-Listing Optimization tool-Homepage-Duplicate Products”.  Select the products and remove in batch.

You may select and remove the duplicate products on the current page; or

You may click ”Delete All Duplicate Product”to remove all  duplicate products completely.

2. Quality Suppliers:

The proportion of products without performance will become a factor that affects suppliers’ quality. Search results shall favor suppliers with quality product management.

Search results shall further favor suppliers with quality mini-site maintenance and product management, specifically the lower the proportion of products without performance the higher the supplier quality points the supplier with reasonable total number of products shall receive.

Therefore, suppliers who keep the total number of products at a reasonable level to avoid numerous abusive product listings and who timely remove products without performance shall be rewarded with  higher supplier quality points.In contrast, excessive product listings and accumulated un-visited products not timely removed shall lower the supplier’s quality factor and thus affect the overall ranking effect of the supplier.  The more the un-visited products, the more the ranking shall be affected.

The total number of products and the proportion of  products without performance are the two factors that determine quality points in the searching algorithm.Suppliers who have 20,000 or more product listings and 10 ###span#< of which are without performance for 180 days shall timely remove or improve these product listings to avoid their product rankings being affected.  The threshold of the searching algorithm may be adjusted later in accordance of suppliers’ overall product management on the platform.


Go to  “My MIND-Biz-trends-My Performance-My Products-Products without performance”to remove or improve product listings.

For removing products without performance, Go to “Biz-trends-My Performance-My Products-Products without performance” and click the ” Delete non-performing products (180 days or longer) ”button to remove all products without performance for 180 days or longer in batch.