Steam Boiler Bahan Bakar Wood Pellet - SSBH-1T

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Steam Boiler Bahan Bakar Wood Pellet - SSBH-1T

Selling our latest steam boiler using wood pellets as fuel wood pellets are the latest alternative solid fuels at low prices and very high efficiency.

In addition, it is environmentally friendly because the results of burning from this wood pellet tend to be clean. Wood pellet burner can be run automatically.

We have worked for 30 years in the field of fabricating and selling steam boilers and have been trusted by hundreds of companies in Indonesia.

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Samson Indonesia Boiler

Samson Indonesia Boiler

Samson Indonesia Boiler is a company built in 1993 and have a long year to give our best providing enery to Indonesia industry company and others company. We manufacture and sell steam boiler and thermal oil heater. We have many experience in steam boiler production, alterations, and modifications.
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