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  • WOOD PELLET STEAM BOILER 1 Ton Per Hour High Efficiency Can Save Up to 70%

    Rp 150.000.000 Rp 100.000.000 / Unit 33%
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    Product Description

    WOOD PELLET STEAM BOILER 1 Ton Per Hour High Efficiency Can Save Up to 70%

    Samson Indonesia Boiler has been established for 30 years serving and helping customers who need energy. With this much experience, there is no need to doubt our boilers that have been distributed to factories throughout Indonesia.

    Steam Boilers with coal fuel do have a higher efficiency, can save up to 60%, but woodpellets are more SAVING on OPERATIONAL COST which is 70% greater than gas fuel. plus it has a pretty CHEAP IMPLEMENTATION COST (initial price)

    We manufacture Steam Boilers with our vast experience to enhance Indonesia's reputation. There are still many who are reluctant to use local products because they are said to be of poor quality. With INTERNATIONAL standard materials we manufacture boilers of the BEST quality.

    Capacity: 1000 kg / hour
    Brand: SSBV-1T
    Maximum Pressure: 10 Kgf / cm2
    Hydraulic Pressure Test: 20 kgf / cm2

    ** Prices listed are estimated prices, please contact us for more information

    Include / include:
    - Burner (Wood Pellet)
    - Water Pump
    - Sieglass (Estimator Glass)
    - Electrical and Sensor Panel
    - etc

    The accessories included:
    - Steam outlet valve / steam valve
    - Manual blowdown valve
    - Feed water valve
    - Safety valve
    - Pressure gauge
    - pressure switch

    Other equipment needed (Not included)
    1. Small Water Tank
    2.Water softener (Salt and Resin)
    3. Flue Gas Treatment Includes:
    - Cyclone
    - Economizer
    - Scrubber
    - Chimney
    4. Installation and installation
    5. Piping

    Immediately order now, we will directly serve you within 24 hours.

    In addition, we also provide plumbing and boiler installation services to the production / system so just use it.We will provide training to run the boiler until it runs smoothly.

    Product Pictures

    Samson Indonesia Boiler

    Samson Indonesia Boiler

    Samson Indonesia Boiler is a company built in 1993 and have a long year to give our best providing enery to Indonesia industry company and others company. We manufacture and sell steam boiler and thermal oil heater. We have many experience in steam boiler production, alterations, and modifications.
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