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General Guidelines:

1. prohibits the publication of product information related to prohibited, illegal and counterfeit products. Please refer to our Product Listing Policy.

2.        madeinindonesia,com has a rechecking process for displayed products. Displayed products that don't follow our Product Listing Policy or this Product Editing Guidelines will be moved under Editing Required in

3.        Members outside Republic Of Indonesia are prohibited from listing Republic Of Indonesia contact details. 

4.        Verified Free members from Republic Of Indonesia are allowed to post any information with the intention to sell/promote their products and/or service on the

5.        The listing of information such as jobs or personal advertisements is prohibited. 

6.        All information submitted must be correct and meet legal requirements. Certificates or authorization may also be required to verify the legality of certain information. 

7.        Any product listing to be posted must be in line with’s Keyword Guideline, Repeated Listing Guideline and Miscategorization Guideline. We reserve the right to amend, delete or reject any inappropriate or irrelevant Keywords.

8.        Product pictures must match the product information submitted. reserves the right to reject or remove any product pictures deemed inappropriate or irrelevant.

9.        All information submitted must be in English. Moreover, reserves the right to correct any spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. 

10. reserves the right to transfer any product information submitted in the wrong industry category to the appropriate industry category or reject any product information submitted in the wrong industry category.

11. reserves the right to transfer any product information submitted with the wrong product attributes to the appropriate product attributes or reject any product information submitted with the wrong product attributes.

12.     All submitted product information should clearly indicate whether it is "Buy" or "Sell" information. reserves the right to amend or reject any information not meeting this guideline. 

13.     Always use the correct product name or title to ensure buyers can find your product in searches. Inaccurate, unrelated and generalized product names should be avoided. 

14.     Please note that you are not allowed to display the same product more than once. Violation of this rule will result in the removal of your duplicated product listings.

15.     Listings on the website may be subject to additional rules.