Kanna Soft Cream 15 gr

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PT Gloria Origita Cosmetics

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PT Gloria Origita Cosmetics

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PT Gloria Origita Cosmetics

  • Verified vendor
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PT Gloria Origita Cosmetics

  • Gold Member
Verified vendor

Product Description

Diperkaya Dengan Lechitin Dari Protein Kacang Kedelai, Secara Efektif Berkabung, Melembabkan, Dan Menghaluskan Tumit Kering Dan Pecah. Cocok Untuk Pemakaian Sehari-hari

Kanna Soft Cream 15 gr  merupakan krim lembut yang cepat meresap. Mengandung Soya Lecithin yang berasal dari protein kacang kedelai yang berfungsi sebagai pelembab alami untuk melembabkan dan melembutkan kulit kering, kasar dan pecah-pecah.

Kemasan tube 15 gr

Cara Pemakaian :

Oleskan secara merata  pada siku dan lutut, diamkan beberapa menit. Gunakan 2x sehari.

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PT Gloria Origita Cosmetics

PT Gloria Origita Cosmetics

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Verified vendor
Since its first establishment in 1993, PT.Gloria Origita Cosmetics has grown to be a prominent player in skin care and decorative cosmetics industry in South East Asia Region, supplying good quality of products to all parts of the region.
We have over 800 dedicated staffs in our factory and offices. Purbasari, Kanna, New Cell, and Amara are some of our brands that are distributed throughout Indonesia and other countries.
Purbasari Body Scrubs is recognized as market leader in Indonesia. Our products have received G.M.P. Certificate which assures the quality of the products. Futhermore, we are Halal-Certificate manufacturer.
Our customers have recognized the good quality of our products with consistent quality for every piece released. Every cosmetics we produce must pass rigorous quality testing. We target medium-low market at a very competitive price.
We already export our products to some country such as Hongkong, Phillipine, Singapore, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Trinidad & Tobago, Papua New Guinea, Kenya & Somalia. We are keep looking for distributors and trading partner all over the world to expand our products. We are commited to quality and invite you to contact us for your enquires. We will always give you our best services and offers.
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