Brightening Deo Lotion

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Brightening Deo Lotion

Antiprespirant and brightens

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Everyone wants healthy skin both women & men and lifestyle requires care and a clean appearance. Skin problems such as spots, acne, dull skin require special treatment from a comfortable & trusted beauty clinic. We provide solutions to skin problems and patient satisfaction.

Al Amin Skincare is a treatment center that was established in 2011, centered on Jalan RE Martadinata No 51 Maleber Ciamis, West Java. Al Amin Skincare has five branches spread over several points in the East Priangan area, namely Ciamis, Tasikmalaya, Banjar, Singaparna and Pangandaran, and will soon open a new branch in Bandung. The development of several Al Amin Skincare branches was due to the large number of requests from patients who previously transacted online. The positive response from patients can be seen from the development of Al Amin Skincare in the few years after the establishment of Al Amin Skincare.

Its very rapid progress makes the company have the initiative to improve facilities and innovation in the field of human resources and products. This is characterized by competent human resources and quality products according to patient requests. In addition, the innovation of action products at Al Amin Skincare, one of which is that there is Expert Treatment which is acted on directly by doctors. Al Amin Skincare's commitment is to provide the number one service in the hands of reliable professionals.

The self-image is carried out by the company to build a positive image in the eyes of the community as a leading and modern beauty care center in the East Priangan, West Java and surrounding areas. Al Amin Skincare in building its image as one of the leading and modern beauty care centers is shown in several ways, such as through its vision and mission, the provision of technologically advanced tools and adequate facilities.

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