Fraud Chargeback Protection



From January 2019, the credit guarantee service will provide the seller with free credit card and e-checking fraud chargeback protection, that is, the card initiated by the buyer without the buyer’s own authorization (such as card theft, fraud The refusal of the payment, provided by MADEININDONESIA.COM, the seller does not have to bear the loss of the refund.



  1. Applicable to credit guarantee service credit card and e-checking payment, excluding T/T.
  2. Other types of refusal that are not explicitly stated are not included in the scope of refusal of payment, which is subject to MADEININDONESIA.COM's interpretation.



The seller understands and agrees that the seller cannot obtain protection if it violates any of the following conditions or if the seller has other faults or if MADEININDONESIA.COM has reasonable grounds to suspect that the buyer and the seller have malicious collusion:

  1. You should ensure that the products you sell meet the requirements of national laws and regulations. Non-state bans or restrictions on export products (except for those with relevant qualifications). Applicable Credit Guarantee Service Rules, First the Republic of Indonesia related service rules, related announcements or notices, otherwise any losses (including but not limited to advance refunds, customs inspections and penalties, return shipments, transportation) The losses caused by such etc. shall be borne by you.
  2. You agree that the transaction contract is the only certificate for the secured transaction between you and the buyer. You should sign the transaction contract in good faith and ensure that the contents of the transaction contract are true, complete and accurate. If there is any change in the transaction content, you should immediately update the transaction contract; if the modification content affects the service of the Republic of Indonesia service, you should also modify the relevant order of the Republic of Indonesia service and obtain the consent of the Republic of Indonesia. If you fail to provide accurate information or other intentional or negligent acts to the buyer and its affiliates, you shall be liable for all damages.
  3. You agree that the quality and quantity of the products sold shall be subject to the contract of the transaction.
  4. It should be used without using a Republic of Indonesia service.
  5. Failure to provide valid, complete and true evidence in accordance with MADEININDONESIA.COM's request.