Triangle Head Scarf Plain Neck Chiffon Navy Gesyal Free Buckle Shell

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Product Description

traveling scarf / casual scarf made of quality motif chiffon material so that it is comfortable and cool to wear. . Ideal to complement your clothing accessories and can be used as a hijab.


Material: Hand Woven Cotton and Beads

Length: + - 142 cm

Middle width: + -62 cm

Note: The photo likeness is +/- 90% due to camera light effects and indoor photo shooting.

Unique Selling Point

No need ironing Smooth Minimal ironing

Traveling scarf / casual scarf

Prize a shell buckle for managing the scarf

Can be used head scarf head

Ideal to complement your clothing accessories and can be used as a hijab

The tip of 4 Gesyal signature beads variations for easy style (easy to set)

Ladies, did you know that: A multi-application complementary scarf that makes variations and helps the highlights of clothing, for example

Application on the neck

Application on the bag

Head accessories application

Outer application

Application on the belt

Change of coat in air-conditioned room

Sleeveless / Sabrina style cover

Pashmina application

Hijab application

Elegant gift

With the same outfit, it can be different only by wearing a scarf

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GE – SYAL started from GELANG (bracelett) and SYAL (scarf): is a social enterprise and our chapter of business are established of presenting our strong local culture for local market and for foreigners as well achieve social impact through our business based in East Java
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