Can I change my shipping address?

There are 3 ways to do it.

1You Buyer Profile

you may add multiple profiles with different shipping and billing addresses.

2Express order

you may change your shipping address during the checkout.

3Contact Company

Start order also give buyers the option to edit or change the current address.

If you wish to change the address after you place the order, please contact your seller.

How can I learn the shipping cost?

In case of express order the shipping is automated. You can contact the courier company after you receive the tracking ID. In case you are placing order via contact company or and your order value is above 10,000 USD or order involves sea freight. You can discuss with the supplier or our shipping company via MIND B2B Negotiation Center. Normally after you place the order, our shipping company will contact you immediately to discuss trade terms including shipping cost or whether you require a clearance agent.

Can I use my own shipping provider for my order?

Due to security reasons ,shipping and payment options outside the platform are strictly prohibited. We work with most reputed shipping companies domestically as well as for international shipments. However if you have specific requirements or seller is persistent to use his/her shipping option it should be done in consent with madeinindoensia

Who pays the shipping cost when returning goods?

1For Express Order- It depends one several scenarios. Please read our return policy .

2For Large Order (Contact Company)- In case of large orders it depends on the contract signed between buyer and seller. In the first instance, please negotiate with the supplier to determine who should pay the shipping cost. Please be explicit under what conditions the buyer or seller will be responsible for the charges. In case there is a breach of the agreement either parties can open a case and the Madeinindonesia.com resolution team will mediate. Alternatively our 3rd party verification company SGS can be used to mediate in case of dispute which is a paid service.

What currency is required for settlement in air freight ?

Logistics freight could only be paid by IDR or USD

What detail service items does air freight rate cover?

Air freight rate is calculated base on the volume and weight of the cargo, including export declaration charge,air freight, handling charges, documentation fees, customs fees, fuel surcharges, security surcharge, manifest fee. (not including insurance and taxes.)

For SEA LCL, what shipping document will be issued?


What kind of Export Prohibitions apply from Indonesia?

In accordance with the Decree of Minister of Trade of Republic of Indonesia Number: 01/M-DAG/PER/1/2007 dated January 22, 2007, the exported goods are classified into four categories:

a. Types of goods subject to export trade system

These types of goods can only be exported by registered exporters. Whereas, registered exporters are the companies or individuals recognized by the Ministry of Trade to export certain goods according to the provision set.

An export of a good is regulated because of the following considerations:

  • Increase the foreign exchange and competitiveness
  • Related to the international agreement
  • Nature preservation
  • Availability of raw materials

The regulated export of goods includes the followings:

  • Plantation Products :Roasted/not roasted coffee, processed coffee
  • Forestry Products :Rattan or wood products
  • Industrial Products :Acetic anhydride, phenylacetic acid, ephedrine, acetone, butanol
  • Mining Products :Diamond, tin, gold

b. Export-Controlled Types of Goods

The goods where the exports can only be conducted by exporters with export approval from Minister of Trade or appointed Officials.

The export-controlled types of goods are the goods where the exports can only be conducted by exporters with export approval from Minister of Trade or appointed officials (specific exporter).

A good is export-controlled because of consideration for maintaining the balance of domestic supply to avoid interruption of domestic consumption.

Export-controlled goods include the followings:

  • Livestock products :Cow seeds, non-seeds cow, buffalo, crocodile skin, wet blue, wild animal and plants (appendix ii cites)
  • Fishery Products :Napoleon fish, wirasse, milkfish seeds
  • Plantation Products :Palm kernel
  • Mining Products :Gas, coke/petroleum, precious metals ore, silver, gold,
  • Industrial Products :Iron scraps and residue, stainless steel, copper, brass, aluminum, urea fertilizer

c. Export-Prohibited Types of Goods

An export of a good is prohibited because of the following considerations:

  • Preserving nature
  • Fail to comply with quality standards
  • Guarantee the demand of raw materials for small industries or craftsmen
  • Increase of added value
  • Goods with historic and cultural value

The export-prohibited types of goods include the followings:

  • Agricultural Products: Fry and Arowana fish, eel fish seed, botia ornamental fish, lobster of 8 cm and paneadae shrimps
  • Forestry Products: roundwood, flakes raw materials, rail pads made of wood or sawn timber.
  • Maritime Products: Sea sand
  • Mining Products: Tin ore and concentrates, arsenic ash and residue, metal or other compounds, especially that contain tin or precious stones

d. Free types of goods

All types of good which are not listed in the above regulation are categorized as free export goods; however, the exporter shall first meet the requirements as exporters

How to inquire freight rates for sea shipment online ?

After you place the order with us the shipping company will contact you for further details.