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The International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC) is a global scale certification for raw materials and products, supply chain traceability and determination of greenhouse gas emissions and mitigation.

The scope of ISCC MUTU International certification is ISCC EU and ISCC PLUS with a global audit scale. The unit of certification that can be audited by ISCC by MUTU International includes industrial waste and residues, plantations, oil mills, refineries, biodiesel plants, traders and the like. International certification for biomass and bioenergy, especially the biofuel supply chain and bio-circular economy.

MUTU International can carry out ISCC certification for palm oil companies and companies that trade palm oil products, used cooking oil (UCO), corn, soybeans and sunflower.

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PT Mutuagung Lestari ( Mutu Internasional )

PT Mutuagung Lestari ( Mutu Internasional )

PT. Mutuagung Lestari (known as MUTU International) is a prominent Indonesian based Testing, Inspection, and Certification company that has been operating since 1990. MUTU International is well known for its TIC services in forestry, wood products, plantation, and many other sectors. As an Indonesian based company, MUTU International aims to help local Indonesian products to compete in the global market.
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