Roasted Coffee Beans Origin Kamojang West Java - 200 gr - 100gr

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We are committed to bringing you coffee
with the best possible of
coffee bean of choice.

Note the taste of each coffee bean
made very specific to maximize
unique taste experience.

After the roasting process is complete, coffee this
has gone through the intensive taste test stage
with strict protocols to safeguard your coffee
brew now is the best coffee and it deserves to be
consumed daily.

Single origin roasted coffee beans from Kamojang, West Java
with a semi washed post-harvest process.
Roasting profile light to medium, optimal for brewing
filter method (V60, Wave, Aeropress, etc.).


Kamojang Arabica Coffee Bean Profile
Place of Origin:
Kamojang, West Java
1,500 masl
Post Harvest Process:
Semi Wash
Taste Notes:
Lime, Berry, Caramel, Floral.
Net weight:
200 gr
Number of Servings:
12-13 Glass (@ 190 ml)


- Storage Instructions -

After opening the package, store it in an airtight container.
For best results, take one week after opening the packaging.

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PT Rasantara Cipta Pangan

PT Rasantara Cipta Pangan

We start our journey in 2018 when bought a chocolate bar from Indonesia but
produce by another country. We believe that we can process our resource by
our own hand with a great quality even better than others. Long-short we start
to make our chocolate bar from a trusted farmers in Indonesia to let them
grow as a partner and sugested them to process their product in a proper
BRIIZ make best product from Indonesian resource with our hand who
selectively produce in small batch to maintain our quality as a responsible to
bring you best product in the market.
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