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    Rp 150.000 / Kilogram (MOQ: 1000)
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    Minimum order quantity 1000 Kilograms
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    Product Description


    Grade: Special Peaberry
    Location: Takengon, Southeast Aceh
    Sorting: Medan, North Sumatra
    Production Capacity: 3 to 4 tons/week

    Product Pictures

    Garanggati Arya Suthawi Jaya

    Garanggati Arya Suthawi Jaya

    • Gold Member

    Garanggati is an old spider, some people called Nilakantha. Nilakantha is the other name of Shiva who expert in pramayoga. In Pondok Labu, my hometown; Old peple was told to my father when my father still young, about why is garanggati/galanggati was so special. Arabian called it Al-ankabut. My God told me that every single life in the world was guaranteed by Him to live and life. So, we should not afraid of be poor or died. I took this name to my company/institution to represent my hometown to the world. When I took office in South Quarter as my HQ Office, I’m sounding my business concept to be 4 pieces/units which insist of; export-import/expedition, virtual public/private spaces, cloud kitchens & bootcamps for social responsibilty.

    We targeting business in area of B2B2C and enrich the competition of expedition business to be healthier then we are completing all of that aspects and work as an integrator or bridge for everyone to be connected.


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