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  • Rampak Kendang Tote Bag

    Rp 168.000 / Piece (MOQ: 10)
    Out of stock

    PT Sarinah (Persero)

    • Verified vendor
    • Gold Member

    PT Sarinah (Persero)

    • Gold Member
    Verified vendor
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    Minimum order quantity 10 Pieces
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    PT Sarinah (Persero)

    • Verified vendor
    • Gold Member

    PT Sarinah (Persero)

    • Gold Member
    Verified vendor

    Product Description

    Rampak Kendang Tote Bag is a multifunction bag that also can be used as a bagpack/ransel. Rampak Kendang or Rampak Gendang is one of the traditional arts of the Sundanese people in West Java which features a drum performance performed by a group of people. This art reflects a harmonious Sundanese society based on mutual cooperation and cheerfulness.

    Size :
    Width : 35 cm
    Length : 40 cm

    Materials :
    Good material canvass printing
    Synthetic leather
    Furing and pocket inside
    Good zipper materials

    Notes :
    1. Price doesn't include shipping cost
    2. Export standard quality packing Wrap
    3. Size and colour can be customized

    Product Pictures

    PT Sarinah (Persero)

    PT Sarinah (Persero)

    • Gold Member
    Verified vendor
    Our Company is a state-owned enterprise (SOE) initiated by President Sukarno, was established on 17 August 1962 to provide domestic product trade activities and promote the growth of Indonesia's economy.

    Our Company well known as the pioneer of local product retailer in Indonesia. Our business scope is increasingly diverse, from retail, distribution, property, hotel, import, export, foreign exchange, to food and beverage. We expand our business globally to show the world Indonesia's best products and to become as The Window Of Indonesia.

    Our Vision :
    To become a superior business ecosystem for the Indonesian creative industry with a focus on customers

    Mission :
    1. Optimizing the business ecosystem in retail, trade, property and other business industries with the support of competent human resources and the use of integrated technology
    2. Increase trade in Indonesia's superior products to support the national economy
    3. Building an Indonesian trading house
    4. Partnership synergy with SMEs and SMIs
    5. Increase company profitability and apply GCG value consistently
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    Business Types Trading Company, Distributor/Wholesaler Legal Owner Fetty Kwartati
    Main Products
    Furniture, Home Decor, Handicraft, Fashion
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    Year Company Registered 1962 Export Percentage 0%
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