When will I receive my order?

You can confirm goods receipt manually in the order system whenever you receive the goods.

If you do not confirm receipt manually within a certain time as below, the system will confirm automatically.

1 by express (International): 3-7 days;

2 by air freight:(international): 15-30 days;

3 postal parcel (International) 30- 60 Days

4 by land transportation, sea freight or postal parcel: 7- 30 days (Domestic only);

Will I receive a reminder from Madeinindonesia.com when the shipping deadline is approaching?

Currently, the shipping deadline reminder is only available on the seller side. Buyer will only get email notification when the shipment delay.

If I buy from different suppliers, can the products be shipped together?

Shipment is agreed between you and supplier, not by Madeinindonesia.com. If you buy from different suppliers, shipping together in one delivery is unavailable and would be expensive as goods need to be collected from different sellers that adds additional shipping cost, ideal situation is each supplier need to ship respectively. To know more about shipment, please contact your supplier directly and advise of your shipment requirements.