Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) MNG 1Kg

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Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) MNG 1Kg

Sasa Penyedap Masakan is made from natural ingredients of natural sugarcane, through a fermentation process that produces glutamate protein naturally and is processed hygienically, to produce quality products. Sasa Penyedap Masakan has a service life of 10 years.

3 Main Uses of Sasa Seasoning Cuisine

The source of savory taste, the 5th basic taste and enhances the taste of the dish to be more delicious
Taste enhancer
Increase intake of Glutamate (protein) levels in food
* 1 menu requires an average of ½ teaspoon (2gr) of Sasa

Information about MNG

Glutamic Acid is an important part of PROTEIN NUTRITION, in the form of non-essential amino acids that the body needs as a nutrient for the human brain.
Glutamic Acid Naturally occurs in many foods such as beef, fish, shrimp, vegetables, breast milk, etc.
Glutamic acid from MNG is digested and absorbed by the body exactly as it does from the food ingredients above
Naturally, the human body also produces glutamic acid and stores it in muscle, brain and other body tissues
Product Safety

HALAL MUI Certification
Kosher Certification
MD-BPOM, Health Ministry
FDA-USA (General Recognize as Safe)
European Community (ADI not specified) - safe for consumption without restrictions, can be used in moderation such as pepper, salt and sugar
Product quality

ISO 9001 - 2008
HACCP & GMP Compliance

Product Pictures

PT Rodamas Inti Internasional

PT Rodamas Inti Internasional

PT Sasa Inti is a proud member of Rodamas Group which was established in 1968 to market and distribute Rodamas Group food products to the world.

Rodamas Group is a successful Indonesian conglomerate company founded in 1953 with variety of business units such as personal care and hygiene, healthcare, chemicals, and food and seasoning products.

RII distributes food and seasoning products brand namely Sasa for International market. Sasa is a pioneer of food and seasoning products brand made in Indonesia since 1968. Sasa is also a well-known brand with variety of products e.g. MSG, seasoned flour, coconut milk, instant seasoning, flavoring broth, and sauces. Not only high in quality, but also make the food tastes delicious and easy to cook. Sasa brand is loved by moms and families for generations which is proven by the testimonials of many award achievements such as Top Brand and Superbrand.

Presently, RII has built partnership in many countries. Started from Indonesia, it reaches out to South East Asia and now we are present in all over the world.
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