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    Mercedes-Benz OC500 RF 2542 (A/T) Bus Chassis - Maxi

    Rp 1.945.000.000 - Rp 1.950.000.000 / Unit
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    PT Panji Rama Otomotif

    • Verified vendor
    • MIND DIAMOND MEMBER Diamond Member

    PT Panji Rama Otomotif

    • MIND DIAMOND MEMBER Diamond Member
    Verified vendor
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    PT Panji Rama Otomotif

    • Verified vendor
    • MIND DIAMOND MEMBER Diamond Member

    PT Panji Rama Otomotif

    • MIND DIAMOND MEMBER Diamond Member
    Verified vendor

    Product Description

    Technical Data at a glance.

      OC 500 RF 2542
    Mesin Mercedes-Benz OM 457 LA Euro 3 Diesel,
    6-Silinder Segaris, Injeksi Langsung
    dengan Turbo charger dan Intercooler
    Diameter/Langkah 128/155 mm
    Total Isi Silinder 11.967 cc
    Daya Maks 422 / 1900
    Torsi Maks 1900 / 1100
    Transmisi AutomaUc Transmisi 6 Kecepatan maju
    Dilengkapi dengan Primary Retarder
    Perbandingan Gigi 3.36/1.910/1.420/1.000/0.720/0.620 R = 4.240
    Kecepatan Maks 120km/jam
    Daya Tanjak 48%
      OC 500 RF 2542
    Depan (1st Axle) Independent RL75E
    Kapasitas (1st Axle) 7.500 kg
    Belakang (2nd Axle) HH 4 / 08 D-10.5
    Komparasi Gigi I = 3.583 opsi pilihan I = 2.846
    Kapasitas (2nd Axle) 12.000 kg
    Belakang (3rd Axle) ZF RL 75 acUvely steered trailing axle
    Kapasitas (3rd Axle) 6.000 kg
      OC 500 RF 2542
    Depan / Front Suspensi Udara dengan 2 Balon udara
    2 Peredam kejut dengan double acUng, stabiliser
    satu buah penyetel level kontrol
    Belakang / Rear Suspensi Udara dengan 4 balon udara
    4 Peredam kejut dengan double acUng, stabiliser
    dua buah penyetel level kontrol
      OC 500 RF 2542
    Rem Utama Dua jalur udara tekan penuh dengan disc brake
    Rem Parkir Pegas, kendali udara tekan penuh pada gandar belakang
    Retarder ZF-Intrader, digerakkan secara elektro-hidrolik
    melalui pedal rem, memungkinkan dioperasikan
    melalui lever pada steering gear dengan 5 step
    Tambahan Keselamatan EBS (Electronic Braking System)
    ABS (AnU-lock Braking System)
    ASR (AcceleraUon Skid System)
    ESP (Electronic Stability Program)
    Kemudi Power Steering ZF - Servocom 8098
    Ban & Pelek 8.25 x 22.5 / 295/80 R 22.5
      OC 500 RF 2542
    Sistem 24 Volt
    Altenator 28 V/140 A
    Baterai 2 x 12 V / 200 Ah
    Kapasitas Tangki 600 Liter / 415 Liter (Opsional)
      OC 500 RF 2542
    Jarak Sumbu Roda (mm) 6.300 (pabrik)
    Jarak Sumbu antar roda (mm) 1.350
    Julur Depan (mm) 2.570
    Julur Belakang (mm) 2.825
    Tinggi (mm) 1.700
    Panjang Total (mm) 9.745 (Pabrik) / 13.500 (Karoseri)
    Lebar Total (mm) 2.400
    Jarak pijak roda depan (mm) 2.088
    Jarak pijak roda Belakang (mm) 2.199
    Radius Putar (mm) 11.900


    Untuk keterangan lebih lanjut, silakan download brosur dari link di bawah ini:




    Untuk harga spesial dan penawaran menarik lainnya, hubungi kami sekarang!

    Product Pictures

    PT Panji Rama Otomotif

    PT Panji Rama Otomotif

    • MIND DIAMOND MEMBER Diamond Member
    Verified vendor

    PT Panji Rama Otomotif (PRO-Motor) is Authorized Dealer Company that provides selling and after-sales service department for automobile specifically for the premium car brand Mercedes-Benz.

    PT. Panji Rama Otomotif (PRO Motor) first built in the year of 1997 Jakarta, as the Authorized Dealer Mercedes-Benz automobile. PT. Panji Rama Otomotif is located in Jl. BSD Boulevard Utara Kav. Commercial De Park Lot 2 No.16 BSD City - Tangerang Selatan (HO) and Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda No. 97 Gandaria Utara - Jakarta Selatan (Branch)

    PT. Panji Rama Otomotif appointed as the Authorized Dealer for UNIMOG (Special Vehicle) at 2010 and as the Authorized Dealer for Proven Exclusivity (Used Car Business) at 2014. PRO Motor within the 18 years, PT. Panji Rama Otomotif has achieved varieties of awards from the Mercedes-Benz Indonesia.


    Act as The liable and trusted automobile service company in Sales Service and After Sales Service.


    Become a responsible Mercedes-Benz automobile dealer with the high quality and skilled human resources to give services to the customers whole-heartedly.

    PRO Motor Value

    Proactive in giving services to the customers in no time, in a proper way, and make everything complete. Also, serving with honest and integrity without compromise. Respect in giving and nurturing the feel of respect to the customers whole-heartedly.

    Orientation of the quality and ambition of the high spirit of service and maintain the working environment as pleasant and productive place.

    Sales Department

    Scale of the showroom with the capacity of ± 20 Cars. The Mercedes-Benz consists of varieties of model.

    • A-Class, B-Class

    • C-Class, E-Class, S-Class

    • GLC, GLA, GLE, GLS,and G-Class and Niche model (supercar and etc)

    After Sales Department

    With consisting 25 work bays for cars, and other services facility in order to fulfill the customer’s after sales services. Such as :

    • Star Diagnosis and Workshop Information System

    • 24 hours Emergency Service

    • Balancing and Spooring tires service

    • Towing Service

    • Home Service

    • Pick up & Delivery Service

    Spare Parts Department

    The storage capacity of ±10,000 item parts that supporting the after sales service department. Within this department, there are also supportive device in order to make the selling of the spare parts more efficient. Such device as :

    • EPC (Electronic Parts Catalog)

    • PAIS (Part Access Information System)

    Accident Management

    (Body & Paint Shop)

    Supported with the Body and Paint Shop department for the accident management or changing paint job,

    consisting with the facility as of :

    • 2 Painting Rooms

    • 1 Color mixing room

    • 4 Compound room (for repairing the paint job)

    • Capacity of ±40 units of vehicle /month

    Awards : 

    1998 - 1999              Best Performing Dealer In Service.

    1999 - 2000               Dealer Of The Year 1999-2000

    1999 - 2000              Best Performing Dealer In Sales.

    2000 - 2001              Best Performing Dealer In General Appearance.

    2002 - 2003               Dealer Of The Year 2000-2001.

    2002 - 2003               Best Performing Dealer In Spare Part. 

    2017 - 2018              Best Performance in Sales 2017

    2017 – 2018              Best Performance in Aftersales 2017

    2017 – 2018              Best Performance in Business Excellence 2017

    2017 – 2018               Dealer Of The Year 2017

    2018 – 2019               The Best Performance in Service Excellent Award South East Asia 2018.

    2019 – 2018              The Best Performance in Customer Service 2018.

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    Business Types Trading Company, Distributor/Wholesaler Legal Owner Parlin Manurung
    Main Products
    Chassis OF 917 (Bus), Chassis OH 1526 (Bus), Chassis OH 1626 (Bus), Chassis OF 1623 RF (Bus)
    Other Products You Sell
    Mercedes-Benz Axor Construction (Truck), Mercedes-Benz Axor Mining (Truck), Mercedes-Benz Axor Tractor Head (Truck), Mercedes-Benz Arocs (Truck)
    Year Company Registered 2018 Export Percentage 0%
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    Brosur Mercedes-Benz O500 RF 2542 (A/T) Maxi (OC500_RF_2542.pdf.asset.F125K-0SAyadLuUprDk3ngiUgulaH5kokX1BqmpxViI.attachment.pdf, 30,339 Kb) [Download]

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