Special Red Ginger Cookies / Royal Red Ginger Cookies Canister

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Muka Ceria

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Muka Ceria

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Muka Ceria

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Muka Ceria

  • Gold Member

Product Description

Product Description:

1. The special red ginger fragrance

2. The taste of red ginger is soft and warm

3. Choice of natural raw materials

4. No preservatives added

5. No taste was added

6. Not added coloring

7. The purpose of the young adult market and above


Wheat Flour, Red Ginger, Palm Sugar, Cashews, Butter, Margarine, Eggs, Almonds, Milk Powder, Maizena, Cinnamon, Chocolate Powder, Baking Soda, Salt

Packaging Details:

-60g Pouch: airtight plastic, resealable zipper and specifically for the domestic market

- 120g Canister: airtight plastic, export quality packaging and specifically for the premium market

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Muka Ceria

Muka Ceria

  • Gold Member
Muka Ceria adalah UMKM dari Bogor yang berdiri sejak Desember 2011. Muka Ceria mulai mengenalkan produk ke pasar yang lebih luas di bawah merk "LizMon" yang diregistrasi pada tahun 2012. Muka Ceria terinspirasi dari kaya nya alam Indonesia akan rempah-rem
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