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  • KJ Single Chest Flute Furniture

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    KJ Single Chest Flute Furniture

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    Karya Jasa Furniture Manufacturer

    Karya Jasa Furniture Manufacturer

      KARYA JASA was established in 1981 by Mr. Halim Iskandar in Klaten a town at Central Java, Indonesia.

      As a furniture manufacturer we committed to producing and export many kind of all wooden furniture (Ebony wood, Teak wood, Mahogany wood, Sungkai wood, Mindy wood, Coconut wood, Tamarind wood, etc.) with very good materials which has received an official legality certificate & SVLK. Also we produce with high skill and spirits so they would be high quality and exclusive products.

       ~ Quality and costumer satisfaction is our principle so don’t worry because “ We care about you! ”


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