Mozarella SRQ Cheese 250 gram Cheese and Melt Choice by Pizza Makers

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Mozarella SRQ 250 Gram Cheese Choices of Pizza Restaurants and Culinary Enterprises and Cheese Lovers

This is Melt and Mouth Cheese Mozarella ... pulled and tastes good.
Very Suitable for Pizza, Sausages, Burgers, BREAD BAKED contents of Mozarella, CornDog, Spaghetti ETC.

Mozarella cheese. What distinguishes this cheese from the others?

Initially I asked myself about this. Before I produced the Mozarella Cheese. There must be something different from cheese in general

And finally I decided, ALL my products are to go back to HEALTHY LIFE. that's the essence of my product, it's all NATURAL. without adding preservatives.

Come on, start to love your body, Start with the consumption of all things NATURAL and healthy, starting with Mozarella Cheese SRIRATU Qeju

- 100% HALAL (HALAL LPOM MUI Certificate)
- 100% Pure Cow's Milk from Own Farms
- 100% use Fresh Milk
- 100% No Preservatives

- 100% No Coloring Materials

- 100% No Strengthening
- 100% of the Children of the Nation's Work

The cheese melt is so tantalizing. AND,
Every bite will produce a perfect taste.
PRICE? Very friendly

If it is burned and heated it will melt ... ready to be poured on the food and the taste .... hmmm ... delicious, so strong the aroma of fresh milk.

Just 1 word "PERFECT"


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Mantap Keju Mozarella nya, Mulur & Meleleh., Harganya juga Superrr Mantap Murah.. TOP untuk Hasil karya Anak bangsa
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Kenapa ada Keju Mozarella yang tidak mulur atau meleleh ?
Kios Susu
MOZZARELLA TIDAK MELELEH. TAUKAH ANDA ?Kenapa mozzanya tidak meleleh dan/atau tidak mulur saat dipanggang atau dipanaskan. Kurang meleleh dan kurang mulurnya keju mozzarella umumnya disebabkan oleh hal-hal sebagai berikut: 1. Mozzarella masih terlalu dingin saat dipanggang atau dipanaskan. Karena biasanya mozzarella disimpan di freezer atau di kulkas. Jadi, sebelum dipanggang/dipanaskan, mozzarella perlu didiamkan dulu di suhu ruang sampai kondisinya empuk dan tidak dingin lagi. 2. Volume mozzarella kurang banyak. Jadi, efek mulur yang sebetulnya muncul jadi kurang terlihat karena lapisan mozzarella terlalu tipis. Solusi: taruh mozzarella lebih banyak. 3. Secara umum, memperlakukan mozzarella beku sama dengan memperlakukan makanan beku lainnya seperti sosis, daging beku, nugget, ikan beku, dll. Semuanya perlu dinetralisir suhunya dulu ke suhu ruang sebelum diberi perlakuan panas (dipanggang, digoreng, dibakar).

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