Kastor Sugar 500 GR Premium Quality

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In addition to flour and eggs, another component in making cakes is sugar, especially if you want to make soft foam cakes or cookies. The difference was apparent, cakes made with caster sugar tasted crisper but were softer, lighter and tasted more butter. In recipe books, caster sugar does appear as an element of cake making.

"In the UK, we use it on most cakes, especially if the cake wants to be made creamy or combined with butter, or to be mixed with eggs to make a foam cake," Goh was quoted as saying from Flipboard (14/12).

Caster sugar or caster sugar is granulated sugar which reaches a very small grain size, about half the size of sugar in general.

Caster Sugar that we sell, is Green Caster Sugar with 500 Gram packaging contents per pcs, HALAL and Premium Quality

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PT Metro Yutaka Pratama

PT Metro Yutaka Pratama

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