Steam Boiler Second-Handed Brand Samson.Ltd 750 Kg/Solar Clock

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Steam Boiler Second-Handed Merek Samson.Ltd 750 Kg/Jam Solar

Maintained and distributed by Samson Indonesia Boiler (SIB). SIB sells Steam Boiler Second at affordable prices and good quality. SIB always takes care of every second boiler it gets from the first time it enters so that our clients and use it are almost like new.

BO alpha 750TA-K is a Steam Boiler which has a type of Water Tube Vertical Boiler. This type is very safe and very efficient for placement because the size tends to be small compared to the Horizontal Fire Tube type boilers.

Equivalent Evaporation (Capacity): + -750 Kg / hr
Generated heating Value: About 404,250 Kcal / day
Boiler Efficiency: 80%
Maximum Allowable Working Pressure: 10 kgf / cm ^ 2
Diesel fuel

The price listed is the approximate price, ask for the bid now to get the Net price

Goods even though Second still have good quality because they are always taken care of since they first arrived and are clean like new.

We also provide piping and boiler installation services to production, so stay in use.

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Samson Indonesia Boiler

Samson Indonesia Boiler

Samson Indonesia Boiler is a company built in 1993 and have a long year to give our best providing enery to Indonesia industry company and others company. We manufacture and sell steam boiler and thermal oil heater. We have many experience in steam boiler production, alterations, and modifications.
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