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  • Generator FIRMAN FPG11888HD (HEAVY DUTY)

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    Product Description

    Firman FPG11888HD is a generator product from Firman Indonesia that uses gasoline as fuel. Used as a producer of electrical energy, to replace electrical energy that is cut off or for an area that has not yet entered electricity.

    This generator has an average power of 7500 watts and a maximum power of 8000 watts. The maximum power can be used as a backup when the electricity demand exceeds the average power.

    Firman FPG11888HD has a fuel capacity of 25 L and an engine oil capacity of 1.1 L. With this fuel and oil capacity, this generator can be operated for a long time, which is 7 hours (75% load).

    With an easy electric ignition system, users won't run out of much time and energy just to turn on this generator. In addition, this generator is equipped with an AVR or automatic voltage regulator system that keeps the generator voltage constant, in other words, the generator will always issue a stable voltage.

    Also equipped with a fuel indicator and voltmeter to find out the remaining fuel remaining and find out the amount of voltage delivered.

    This generator is also more portable because it is equipped with wheels that can help make it easier for users to carry the generator anywhere.

    With great power this generator has a small noise level of only 72 decibels, a number that is still comfortable and quiet.

    This generator can be used by homes that require large electrical power or for those of you who have small or medium-sized business activities that need an alternative to electricity when there is a power cut.

    This generator is also easy to store and does not take up a lot of space. In addition, this generator is also environmentally friendly because it doesn't emit a lot of smoke, which can harm health.

    In addition to quality assurance, you will be given a machine service guarantee for 1 year. In addition, Firman Indonesia, as a national trading company, distributes various machine types to all corners of Indonesia, ensuring that spare parts are easy to obtain.

    Spesifikasi Produk

    Alternator 100% COPPER
    Berat Bersih 92 Kg
    Daya Maksimum 16 HP / 220V/ 50 HZ
    Dimensi P X L X T (mm) 700 x 525 x 605
    Indikator Bahan Bakar Ada
    Jam Pengoperasian @ 3/4 Load 8 hours
    Jenis Bahan Bakar Bensin murni
    Kapasitas Bahan Bakar 25 L
    Kapasitas Baterai 17 AH
    Kapasitas Oli Mesin 1,1 L
    Kapasitas Silinder 460 CC
    Listrik Maksimum 8 KW
    Listrik Rata - rata 7,5 KW
    Pembakaran TCI
    Pengisian Daya Baterai 12V DC -
    Perlengkapan Roda Ada
    Phase 1 PHASE
    Sistem Dekompresi Otomatis (ADS) ADS
    Sistem Penyalaan Manual & Elektrik
    Sistem Peringatan Oli Ada
    Tegangan Regulator Otomatis (AVR) AVR
    Tingkat Kebisingan @7M 65 dB
    Tipe Mesin TC192EG ( 460 CC)
    Voltmeter Ada

    Product Pictures

    PT Teckindo Prima Gemilang Jaya (FIRMAN Indonesia)

    PT Teckindo Prima Gemilang Jaya (FIRMAN Indonesia)

    Kami adalah sebuah perusahaan perdagangan Nasional yang mendistribusikan berbagai produk jenis mesin yang dibutuhkan dan digunakan di berbagai lingkup kegiatan lingkungan. Misalnya perumahan Industrial bisa digunakan untuk memenuhi kebutuhan kegiatan konstruksi, irigasi, pertanian, toko, pengolahan makanan, dan kegiatan outdoor lainnya .Firman Indonesia selalu berusaha untuk memenuhi permintaan pasar dengan memperluas jangkauan produk sesuai dengan bisnis inti sebagai Distributor peralatan listrik, pompa air dan mesin kecil.

    Visi Kami

    Menjadi perusahaan dagang terbaik dengan mengutamakan kepuasan pelanggan

    Misi Kami

    Menjadikan perusahaan dan produk - produknya dikenal dan dipercaya di seluruh indonesia

    Membangun kinerja dan loyalitas karyawan dengan kompetensi berkesinambungan dan menganut sistem TEAM WORK dalam satu visi dengan aspek profitabilitas dan peningkatan kesejahterahan

    Memperkuat kolaborasi dengan mitra usaha.

    Mewujudkan sistem management yang kompeten dengan manganut sistem management ISO90001

    Mewujudkan layanan purna jual yang baik dengan menjaga ketersediaan spare parts dan kecepatan layanan.

    Mewujudkan distribusi merata, sehingga produk - dengan brand FIRMAN mudah dicari/beli diseluruh pelosok indonesia.
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