Flexible Hose heavy duty water heater

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Description of Flexible Hose Heavy duty water heater hose for ariston rinnai 30 cm | 2 pc
Quality product, durable and anti-rust. Material made of stainless steel. Can be bent / bent as needed.
In the package you will receive a flexible hose with a length of: 30 cm, 2 pcs / pair.
PLEASE NOTE !! ..BEWARE- HEART It is cheap but only 1 pcs are sent. The products we sell are of high quality because they are made of materials that will not be porous or corroded, so the water heater will leak easily.

Flexible hose or water hose that is strong and does not leak easily. for connection for water heater or water heater.
Suitable for all brands such as Ariston, Rinnai, Midea, Wasser, Solahart, Rheem, Ferroli etc.

Suitable for all types of water heaters, gas, electricity and heat pumps.

Make sure you get a pair or 2 pcs of hoses (for in and out water heater)

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Kamar Mandiku.Com

Kamar Mandiku.Com

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