Cocoa Powder Alkalized - RPM-1A

Retail Price: Rp 50.400.000 / Ton (MOQ: 10)
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Cocoa Powder Alkalized

RPM-1A Cocoa powder with 11.5% Fat Content and 6.9% PH and 3% Moisture

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CV Rejeki Pangan Makmur

CV Rejeki Pangan Makmur

cv rejeki pangan makmur adalah perusahaan yg bergerak didlm pembuatan cocoa powder untuk yg utama. selain itu kami juga bekerja sama dgn ukm2 utk produk fashion, parfume, sabun mandi, dll.
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Business Types Manufacturer, Trading Company Legal Owner kusharriyadi
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coklat bubuk, pakaian muslim , hijab, sabun mandi cair
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