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    Cannon DPV® Digital Paddle Viscometer

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    Product Description

    DPV® Digital Paddle Viscometer


    For Dynamic Viscosity of Non-Homogenous Materials Including Emulsified Asphalts
    ASTM D7226, D2397, D977 and AASHTO TP-121


    Common Applications

    • Emulsified asphalts
    • Marine fuels
    • Suspensions
    • Slurries
    • Foods
    • Paints
    • Residual oils


    The DPV is an automated, rotational digital paddle viscometer for measuring the dynamic viscosity of non-homogenous materials such as emulsified asphalts, marine fuels, residual oils, slurries and foods at 40 °C, 50 °C, 80 °C, and 100 °C. For tests at 25 °C, see the TE-DPV product page. The DPV provides an automated alternative to older, labor-intensive and less precise methods.

    Designed specifically for viscosity testing of non-homogenous materials

    • Meets ASTM (D7226/D2397/D977) and AASHTO provisional standard requirements for asphalt emulsions
    • Viscosity range: 30 mPa·s (cP) to 30,000 mPa·s (cP) in 100-fold increments depending on paddle selection
    • Integrated heating measures dynamic viscosity at 40 °C, 50 °C, 80 °C and 100 °C ± 0.1 °C. For tests at 25 °C, see the TE-DPV product page. 
    • Digital display presents viscosity values in mPa·s (cP), mm²/s (cSt) and Saybolt Fural Second
    • Suitable for applications including emulsified asphalts, marine fuels, suspensions, slurries, foods, paints and residual oils

    Improves data quality

    • Automated sample processing and testing reduces dependence on operator skill for quality data
    • Paddle continuously mixes the sample for greater sample homogeniety and more representative sample data
    • Direct measurement of the sample rather than the bath temperature provides more accurate temperature measurement
    • Viscosity data is automatically calculated and may be transferred to an optional dot matrix printer

    Eliminates laborious and tedious sample processing

    • No sieving or sample pre-heating is required, just load the sample and push a button to initiate sample prep and testing
    • Removable sample cup allows for quick and easy cleaning between samples
    • Allows unattended sample processing without the need to invest in additional, expensive equipment
    • Computes most tests in 10 to 30 minutes with less messy post-test cleanup

    Reduces safety risks

    • No hot dripping sample or tricky cork removal; no glass components or accessories
    • Heater cup thermostat senses over-temperature fault conditions and removes power to the heater until the temperature is at a safe level
    • Motor shaft and paddle immobilization automatically disables motor power

    Low cost, easily transportable design

    • Self-contained, compact instrument with no ancillary equipment (e.g. ovens, water baths)
    • Transports easily for field applications. DPV is up to 1/7 the benchtop footprint and 1/3 the weight of a traditional Saybolt viscometer bath
    • Low overall system cost


    Ordering :

    DPV® Digital Paddle Viscometer consists of the viscometer with an adjustable heated tray assembly and head unit, two reusable sample cups, two sample paddles (high and low viscosity) and one set of viscosity standards (N100, N4000, S600, S30000). Optional printer sold separately.



    Dimensions (W × D × H) 19.1 cm × 23.5 cm × 45.1 cm (7.5 in × 9.5 in × 17.75 in)*
    * 15 cm rear clearance required
    Weight 7.7 kg (17 lb)
    Shipping dimensions (W × D × H) 38.1 cm × 40.6 cm × 53.3 cm (15 in × 16 in × 21 in)
    Shipping weight (with all items) 12.3 kg (27 lb)
    Maximum throughput 2 to 4 samples per hour
    Automated sample capacity 1
    Viscosity range & accuracy 30 mPa·s (cP) to 30,000 mPa·s (CP)*
    30 mPa·s (cP) to 3,000 mPa·s (CP) ± 5%
    3,000 mPa·s (cP) to 30,000 mPa·s (CP) ± 10%
    *in 100-fold increments based on paddle selection
    Test temperatures & accuracy 40 °C, 50 °C, 80 °C, 100 °C ± 0.1 °C
    Minimum sample volume 135 mL per test
    Operating conditions 15 °C to 30 °C, 10% to 75% relative humidity (non-condensing), Installation Category II, Pollution Degree 2
    Electrical specifications 115 Vac, 50/60 Hz; 230 Vac 50/60 Hz, 120 watts power consumption
    Compliance CE Mark; EMC directive (2004/108/EC); Low voltage directive (2006/95/EC); HI-POT (1900 Vac, 60 sec.); ROHS
    Data output RS-232


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