What is MIND B2B Negotiation Center? B2B Negotiation Center is an easy-to-use communication system integrated in the website. You can find this by clicking on contact supplier and sending the enquiry to the seller. After that you can click on the Message Center that leads you to MIND B2B Negotiation Center where you can conduct realtime negotiations with the suppliers. You could contact suppliers instantly, keep chat history for future reference, and manage your inquiries, quotations and orders all in one place.

What are the key features of B2B Negotiation Center on

B2B Negotiation Center is an easy to use messaging system on which enables buyers and suppliers to communicate instantly and all communication records will be saved for future reference.

1 Efficient contact :You can send instant messages or structured buying requests to suppliers, upload attachment.
2 On-the-go communication :Synchronize all of your conversation to across your different devices so you can talk to suppliers whatever and wherever is most convenient for you.
3 Real-time Translation :Buyers could send the messages with Real-Time Translation
4 Simple transaction :Buyers can place order and make payment directly in messengers.
5 Get Full Security & Protection :Safeguard your negotiations using the messaging system. Keep a record of your communication history for added security in the event of a disagreement. Communication and transaction records are immensely helpful in addressing dispute resolutions.

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How do I use B2B Negotiation Center?

You can use B2B Negotiation Center to find suppliers on You can click "Contact Company" to send an inquiry to start real-time communication.

How do I post an RFQ?

An RFQ (Buying Request) is a purchase request posted by a buyer to request quotes from suppliers. You can post all detailed information of the product wanted in a buying request, and there's a high possibility that the supplier quotes you the exact items you wanted. As a premium service our support team will try to match your request with the top supplier, and review quotations before sending to buyers. And it is time saving compared to you searching products directly

Go to Sourcing Solutions and click Submit RFQ. Fill in the required fields. Tick the Agreement and click Submit.

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How can I get a quick and accurate quotation?

You are suggested to follow below three tips when send inquiry or post RFQ to get a quick and accurate quotation :

1 Demonstrate that you are a serious buyer with a legitimate business.

2 Describe the product you are trying to source with as much detail as possible to ensure your requirements are met.

3 Ask questions to determine whether the supplier is a good fit for your business.

Should I communicate with suppliers outside of

When negotiating business deals, we strongly advice both parties to strictly keep their communications on Chat records will help our team inform and fair decisions in the case of disputes.