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    Barefood - Almona bottle of milk

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    Barefood - Almona Milk Bottle

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    PT Inovasi Pangan Nusantara (Barefood)

    PT Inovasi Pangan Nusantara (Barefood)

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    Our Passion for Food Brought Us Together

    We are a group of 4 friends who are deeply passionate about food. Three of us are certified food scientists who studied together in university and one is an expert in finance and business development. Our passion led us to answer this burning question: Do consumers trust what food manufacturers are putting in their foods? How do we know for sure? To answer this question, we created Barefood. 

    Our Vision: A Transparent Food Industry

    At Barefood, we strive to create ‘Bare’ products which upholds transparency. We do this by showing you exactly what the ingredients are in our products. We also make our food easy to understand by providing a library of ingredients so you can learn more about the sourcing, processing, and nutrition of each of our ingredient.

    What to Expect From Barefood Going Forward?

    Expect exciting innovations. Expect simpler foods. Expect real & quality ingredients. But most of all.. Expect good food which you can enjoy without ever worrying what’s in it. We have various new products lined up for you, so check our website and follow our Instagram @barefood.id for the latest updates!

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