ARNISS Treva KW-0320 Travel Container Single Stack + Plate Keep Warm

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KW 0320
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PT Solusi Stok Indonesia

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PT Solusi Stok Indonesia

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PT Solusi Stok Indonesia

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PT Solusi Stok Indonesia

  • Gold Member
Verified vendor

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30 Days

Product Description

VOLUME: 2 lt
DIMENSIONS: D 210 H 178 mm

Arniss KW-0320 is a food container made from high quality material of PE. These food containers are designed with double insulation walls that keep food warm. inside there is a lid to keep food from spilling easily. Equipped with 2 plates, so it is suitable for you to carry while traveling.

- food container
- Designed with double insulation walls that can keep food warm
- Equipped with 2 practical plates
- It's not easy to leak
- BPA free
- Easy to clean
- Storage capacity: 2 liters

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PT Solusi Stok Indonesia

PT Solusi Stok Indonesia

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Verified vendor

Established in 2017 PT Solusi Stok Indonesia were exclusively assigned as Purchasing Representative Office for Indonesia market. We used to purchase and export in order to supply more than 300 stores in Europe.

Seing the opportunitiy,the idea of SOLUSTOC is born! The shifting market dynamics caused by the pandemic are also creating opportunities in the online market. With our wide manufacturers connections in Indonesia and abroad, we could fulfill the market needs.

Online B2B platform: which could help thousands of business to grow and expanding their markets.

Our market : We aim to connect and open Indonesia market globally.

We accommodate : become the source of product for retail market and complete the distribution channel for manufacturers.

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