Amanda - Cheese Banana Bolen

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Amanda - Cheese Banana Bolen

Ingredients: Wheat, eggs, sugar, cheese, butter, oil, corsvet, milk,
feather plantain
Gramasi: ± 500 gr / box (10 pcs)
Size: L = 4 cm, W = 5 cm
Category: Burn
Taste: This product has a sweet taste from a banana that has been made
processed and also tastes delicious that comes from cheese
Characteristics: This product is crunchy on the outside but slightly dense and
wet on the inside. There is also an egg yolk finish
on the top surface of the product while adding
product color when the product is ripe, in part
in the product there are pieces of cheese that stick together with
banana filling
Expired: 4 days after the date of production

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CV Amanda ( Amanda Brownise )

CV Amanda ( Amanda Brownise )

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