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ADISA contains natural antibiotics, capable of regenerating damaged cells, killing bacteria and viruses and strengthening healthy cells. Helps overcome skin and venereal diseases, such as: Human Papillomavirus (HPV), Genital Warts, Fungi, Panu, Ringworm, Ringworm, Water Fleas, Skin Irritation, Itchy Groin, Hemorrhoids, Cleaning Vaginal Mucus and Fungus, Gonorrhea, Acute Dandruff , Anal Fistula, Cervical Cancer, Diabetic Wounds, External Wounds, Ulcers, Syphilis, Lion King, Healing Open Wounds and immediately closing wounds in Diabetics and maintaining the cleanliness of the intimate organs of women and men.



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PT. Rabana Sejahtera Indonesia

PT. Rabana Sejahtera Indonesia

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