70% Dark Chocolate - 26gr

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70% Dark Chocolate - 26gr

Hancrafted bean to bar chocolate made from cacao nibs with origin from Bandung in 26gr package.

Our chocolate bar only contain cocoa nibs and sugar cane for chocolate lovers around the globe. It came in 3 sizes to fit in with your daily activities, in three di"erent cocoa percentage. A dark chocolate is believed as a healthiest chocolate because not contain another ingrediens except thus two.

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PT Rasantara Cipta Pangan

PT Rasantara Cipta Pangan

We start our journey in 2018 when bought a chocolate bar from Indonesia but
produce by another country. We believe that we can process our resource by
our own hand with a great quality even better than others. Long-short we start
to make our chocolate bar from a trusted farmers in Indonesia to let them
grow as a partner and sugested them to process their product in a proper
BRIIZ make best product from Indonesian resource with our hand who
selectively produce in small batch to maintain our quality as a responsible to
bring you best product in the market.
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