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Product Description

BRIIZ Dark Chocolate Couverture 71% is a premium chocolate
which contains 32 - 40% cocoa butter (cacao butter).
Couverture is often used by Professional Baker / Pattisier / Chocolatier
as a coating chocolate or a mixture of cake ingredients such as Fudge Brownies,
Baked Cookies, or Ganache.

We prioritize the original taste of the Single-origin Bandung cocoa
by not adding subtitute ingredients, preservatives or artificial flavors.

Handling Couverture is a little different than Compound, here's a guide
for the crystallization / tempering process so that the chocolate can be perfectly shiny
(when used as a coating):

1. Heat until melted at a temperature of 45 ° C-50 ° C
2. Crystallization instructions: Preheat to 45 ° C-50 ° C -> Reduce to 27 ° C -> Raise the temperature again to 31 ° C-33 ° C
3.Print & chill: Immediately print chocolate when the temperature is still between 31 ° C-33 ° C, after printing put it in the refrigerator with a temperature of 8 ° C-12 ° C

* Using direct heat to melt couverture can cause it to burn! We recommend using Microwave / Team Technique / Double Boiler to melt it.

Product Description
Origin (Origin):
• Bandung

• Cocoa Nibs (71%)
• Sugar (29%)

Net weight:
• 200 g

• Yes

- Storage Instructions -
Store in cool and dry place (18-20 ° C)

Product Pictures

PT Rasantara Cipta Pangan

PT Rasantara Cipta Pangan

We start our journey in 2018 when bought a chocolate bar from Indonesia but
produce by another country. We believe that we can process our resource by
our own hand with a great quality even better than others. Long-short we start
to make our chocolate bar from a trusted farmers in Indonesia to let them
grow as a partner and sugested them to process their product in a proper
BRIIZ make best product from Indonesian resource with our hand who
selectively produce in small batch to maintain our quality as a responsible to
bring you best product in the market.
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