Seller Verification

How to become verified seller in madeindonesia.com?

We conduct 2 type of Verifications

Inhouse Verification by MadeIndonesia.com Team -To collect and verify various company incorporation documents making sure company documents are authentic.

Independent Verification for SGS

Seller who have been inspected onsite/offsite by a third party inspection company.

Both these verification will followed by awarding respective verification badges.

To help us maintain a trusted marketplace for buyers and sellers, we require the following documents to verify the identity of the seller company.

Note: If you require additional time before submitting your information, you can select the Save button to save your information and return to the Seller registration page before signing the contract.
How can I submit my Verification Documents?

For security reasons, we can only accept documents uploaded through the Seller (Vendor) admin page. Please attach all necessary documents in this page and click save.

What happens after I submit my verification documents?

The review process can take up to two business days from the time we receive your documents. We will email you the result.

What happens after I submitted my verification documents The review process can take up to two business days from the time we receive your documents. We will email you the result.

What documents are required for the verification purpose?

MadeinIndonesia requires two documents in order to verify your identity. To avoid having your documents rejected, make sure they meet the following criteria:

All documents must:

  • be valid (not expired, revoked, or closed)
  • be high-quality, in color, and unobstructed (not angled, blurry, or cropped)
  • show the full page
  • not be a screenshot
  • display matching information (such as your ID number or name) that you use to register to sell on
  • be scanned images, or a photo taken from your mobile device's camera (no screenshots)
  • display the full document (front and back, if applicable)
  • be less than 10MB in size
  • be in one of these formats: gif, png, jpg, pdf, and docx. Do not include special characters in the file name (examples: $, &, or #)
  • be authentic and unaltered

Identity documents:

Business licenses:

  • The name of the legal representative or beneficiary owner should match the name on the identity document.
  • The address should match the business address provided during registration.
  • Must be valid for at least 45 days from the time of registration.
  • Must not be revoked or closed by the local government.
  • Business name and details must be visible.

Business representative Documents

The identity documents required can be directly of the Business Owner or the official company representative. The options are available are:

  • KTP
  • SIM
  • passport
  • driver license
  • or any other national ID, show a full document page, or in case of national identity cards, both sides of the card
  • have a signature
  • if submitting a passport, be sure the passport has your signature

Additional documents

  • Some companies, corporations, or charities need to submit a government-issued national ID for the primary contact, or the beneficial owner or trustee.
  • The name of the point of contact or company mentioned on the document should match the point of contact name or business name provided during registration.
  • You can hide the transaction amount, but the document must remain intact.
  • Document must not be password-protected.
  • Do not provide a photo of your credit card or debit card.
  • Do not provide a bank letter acknowledging an account opening.
What if my documents are rejected?

Important:We reject documents when we can't verify them or when they don't meet our criteria. Our decision to approve or reject a document is final and cannot be appealed, although you can re-apply with a new account.

What to expect after you upload your document?

After you submit documents, MadeinIndonesia team will review your information and may contact you for further clarification, if needed, within 3 business days. If your verification is clear ,you will be assigned a Verification badge.

Important: If we are unable to verify the information you provided and request that you resubmit your documents, you will have within the next 15 days to complete this request. If we do not receive your documents within this timeframe, your case will be closed and we will not be able to activate your account to sell on madeinindonesia.com

Product Registration (product listing)

What can you sell on MadeinIndonesia ?

MadeinIndonesia is designed for Medium to large size transactions (typically half container to one container load goods) for both domestic and global trading.

Sellers from 9 major industries can sell their product in over 900 different categories, all the products that are legally allowed for domestic and international trade.

After you successfully register and sign MIND seller agreement and associated policies and guidelines, here is some additional information that is key to selling successfully on MadeinIndonesia platform.

You are getting ready to sell globally, the majority of the potential buyers don’t know you or your company so try to build your profile, seller information and product details as comprehensive as possible. Please try to fill up all necessary information.

  • If you wish our support to upload your products especially if you have 100s of products ,please contact our representative. We will assign an installation manager to help you out.
  • Listing products in the right categories and with the correct information is critical for good customer experience and strong seller performance.
  • All your listings must confirm to the standards described in the style guide specific to your category.
  • Customers expect their products to be well-packaged and to arrive on time.
  • Product detail pages do not belong to a single seller. The product title, image, and details must be specific to the product itself, not to any individual product or seller promotions.
  • Make sure which language session you are in ,if you want to fill all your information in Bahasa Indonesia ,make sure to switch to Bahasa Indonesia section first.
What are the steps of bulk upload?

For multiple product upload you can use our bulk product upload link and follow the necessary steps. It requires advanced understanding of how the various fields work. If you are not sure please send us all your information and we will assign our Installation manager to help you post all the products.

You can still review the products and post it afterwards.

Send us the following information in case of bulk products upload request.

1 Product information in the excel sheet or CSV format

Registration Form

(excluding photo images)

2 Product photos in a separate zip folder or google drive.

Registration Form

If you possess advanced level understanding here are the steps for bulk product upload.

Why post products as a bulk upload?

Uploading products with the bulk upload tool saves you time by removing many steps in the product upload process. This is ideal for sellers who already manage their products using spreadsheets, or can easily export their product catalog into an Excel spreadsheet from another marketplace. The alternative, individual product posting, is a more manual process.

What is MOQ on Madeinindonesia.com?

Some suppliers will list the MOQ for the product directly and some will not. It is kindly advised that you could confirm with the supplier about MOQ before ordering the products.

Why my product is always in Approval Pending?

After you post a new product, our related colleagues will take about 24-48 hours to audit it. Upon approval, it will be listed on MadeinIndonesia.com in 2 x 24 hours. Please note that auditing can help our sellers to post products in a good manner. Therefore, please just have a wait for the approval.

How to make the product titles?
> DO’s
  • - Provide information about the specific product only.
  • - Keep it short, but include critical information.
  • - 100 characters maximum.
  • - Start with the product brand where appropriate and not the seller.
  • - Include a model number, when available.
  • - Use only plain text (no HTML formatting).
  • - Pay attention to correct capitalization.
  • - Use numerals ("2" instead of "two").
> DON’T’s
  • - Marketing information, promotions, or any other information that is not descriptive of the product itself (for example, "x% off", marketing messages, seller URL, or seller name in the title).
  • - Selecting a category for your product that does not match the existing MadeinIndonesia browse tree
  • - HTML code
  • - ALL CAPS
  • - Symbols (! * $ ?)
What are the requirements to upload product photos?
> DO’s
  • - Show only the product that is for sale, with no accessories — what the buyer will actually receive.
  • - Use a pure white background (RGB values of 255,255,255).
  • - Provide images with 1,000 x 600 pixels or larger.
  • - The product must fill at least 80% of the image area.
  • - The image format must be JPEG (.jpg), TIFF (.tif), or PNG (.png). JPEG is preferred.
  • - Use professional photographs.
> DON’T’s
  • - Showing accessories and props that are not sold with the product.
  • - Lifestyle pictures for the main image that show, for example, people using the product.
  • - A single image displaying multiple colours or views of the product.
  • - Coloured backgrounds.
  • - Graphics, illustrations, or animated images are not allowed.
  • - Borders, watermarks, text, URLs, seller logo, or name on the images.
  • - Nudity.
  • - Mannequins.
How to take pictures of the product?

The saying that 'a picture is worth a thousand words' really applies to our listings. Lets say if you are B2B buyer or sourcing agent buying some product for your company for 20,000 or 50,000 dollars, and you are sitting half way around the globe, would you buy online from a company that has not displayed proper product photos or poor quality photos, no product information, no company details? No matter how well and how good your product is, most buyers want to see a full information about your company and your product before they purchase or place a large order. So before you sit down at the computer to list your item, the first step should be to take great photos and then transfer them onto your computer. Posting pictures is very easy, if you have brochure and catalogue, user manual for your product you can add these via in attachment during product posting it is very simple and provides detailed information for B2B buyers before placing a large order.

How to capture new photos of the products if seller don’t have it?

If you have multiple products without good quality photos we offer you a professional product shoot services at very reasonable prices .please contact us. Transfer devices each digital camera and scanner has its own procedure for transferring image files to a computer. Some use cables; others use removable memory chips. Follow the instructions in your camera or scanner's manual.

How to create great product photos ?
    • - Use natural light whenever possible. Use a plain background to make your item stand out

    • If you use white background make sure does not wash away colors or sharp contrast.

  • Crop your photos to remove any unnecessary background.
  • - Balance the contrast and brightness.
  • - The rotate or flip command will turn your picture right side up (if necessary).
  • - Resize your image files to approximately 540 pixels tall by 540 pixels wide.
  • - Save your edited picture as a .gif or .jpg file.

Consider taking a close-up of a section and multiple views (front, back, side, top) so potential buyers can see the actual condition of the item.

Edit your Photo once your photo is on your computer hard drive, you can often improve it with photo editing software, which may have come with your digital camera or scanner

If you have a photo folder ,we can help you edit the photos please contact us

There is a mistake on a product detail page. How can I correct it? How can I edit the product listing ?

Go to Vendor Admin - My Products - Click on the product - and do the necessary changes and post it and clicking on Save.

Can I preview my products before posting them ?

You can go the your Vendor Admin - Products - Click on the product – click on the radio button next to save to the top right- your will find preview button - click on preview button